Did Family Guy Really Kill Off Brian Griffin?

November 25, 2013 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

Family Guy Brian GriffinI couldn’t believe it when I heard that Family Guy was going to kill off one of its characters. And it wasn’t just a character. It was a family member.

And it wasn’t just a member, it was Brian Griffin!

Yes, Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin last night. But, is it real? Is there a chance that Brian will come back to life? Will Stewie wake up one day and realize it was all a bad dream? Shows have done that you know?

Well, I’m not saying it won’t happen or it couldn’t happen. But according to executive producer Steve Callaghan, it’s real. Brian is really gone. And he’s been replaced already with another dog named Vinny.

The reason Steve gives for killing off Brian is because one of the kids would have been more traumatic for viewers. The dog is more realistic. But, that doesn’t answer the question of why anyone had to die. Why did anyone have to die?

It appears some smart guy comes walking into a Family Guy meetingĀ  one day and pitches the idea like it was no one’s business. All of a sudden, they’re all think about it. The idea is now catching on and they’re working on putting it in the show. What in the world? Who? What?

Well like I said, it’s not like Stewie can’t wake up one day and realize it was all a bad dream! You know, like it was all just a really bad dream!