Fugitive Found After Starring In A Movie

July 30, 2015 in Commentary, Entertainment, News

If you’re a fugitive running from the law, maybe the last thing you want to do is get noticed. That’s the exact opposite of what Jason Strange did when he decided to take the role of Dr. Lourdes in a low-budget thriller Marla Mae.

In 2006, he was convicted of armed robbery. He was given a 9 year sentence and served most of it. But, he eventually earned his way into a halfway house to serve out the rest of his sentence. That’s when he fled to start his new life just a little bit early.

If you’re on the run, you probably don’t want people to see you in pictures. Let alone to see you in a film. But, Jason goes beyond that and does a promotion in the Washington State newspaper, Olympian. Now, that’s a really smart guy!

It wasn’t long before the U.S. Marshals were tracking him down at the set. He was on lunch at a local restaurant. He just stepped out to grab a quick cigarette and BAM! Got ‘eem!

They arrested him on the spot. Hey, he was trying to get noticed! And he did!

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