Molly Huddle Celebrates Prematurely And Loses The Bronze By A Hair

August 25, 2015 in Celebrities, Commentary, Review, Sports

It’s the worst feeling ever when you think you’ve won and someone comes up from behind you to take the race. You’ve put in all your time and energy. You’ve put in the work and you’ve won the race.

But if you don’t run the race until the end, you might as well just hand it over to the hungry competition who has been on your tail the entire time. Molly Huddle was pulling up to the finish line with the Bronze within her grasp. She put her hands up and started celebrating. But, that slowed her down.

Fellow American runner Emily Infeld stretched for it and won the Bronze. Molly was devastated and she had every right to be. But, she could only blame herself. Emily did what she was supposed to do. She fought until the end.

Molly did just the opposite. She thought she had it. She took it for granted and that’s a mistake she’ll probably never make again. It only takes one time to learn a lesson as valuable as that one.

With the Bronze just in your grasp, keep fighting! It’s not in your hands until it’s actually in your hands. Because until that happens, it’s anyone’s race. Always remember that! This is not the first time a professional athlete, a professional high level runner has celebrated prematurely and lost the race. It happens more than you think. Just make sure it never happens to you!