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A River in the Ocean
By Michael Allen

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Copyright © 2013. Michael Allen.
All Rights Reserved.


This book is dedicated to my daughter who has always been the most incredible person to ever come into my life. From the moment I held her in my hands for the first time to now, she has always been ahead of the game. It’s those small moments that I cherish most with her.

I loved how she would climb into her high chair when it was time for her to eat. When she started dancing, that was it. She completely melted my heart. She would ask me to draw a smiley face and I decided one time to put a little effort into it. Her face lit up, “Daddy, it’s bootiful!”

Watching her grow up has been by far the greatest experience I have ever had. She started playing guitar. She started painting on canvas. Her English teacher told her she was a good writer. My heart was gone again. Every little moment, every little time, my heart has been with her.

I can’t wait to see the awesome person she becomes and I know it will be something special, because she always has been.

To my daughter…
I love you!

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