My Broken Piano, My Reading At The Vertikal Cafe

February 2, 2013 in Books, Commentary, Entertainment, Shows

Norm asked me to Bring the Love to his radio show with Celeste at the Vertikal Cafe! How could I say no?

My book of poetry published last year has brought so many people joy! The first time I was on the Vertikal Cafe I read In Memory of an Angel. I was asked to come back and the poem was requested three more times in the same show. I got quite a few snaps for that one!

So, I came back this time with My Broken Piano! It’s in my book of poetry Thoughts and Reconsideration. But, it’s also highlighted in my new book A River in the Ocean… Have a listen!


Excerpt from A River in the Ocean

Chris couldn’t find all the words. But as he looked at Amy, he started to find a few, “It’s like I have this whole other life I know nothing about. I’m trying to piece it together. But, nothing is coming. Maybe this is something trying to get out, trying to tell me something. But, I just can’t seem to figure it out yet.”


A River in the Ocean is a drama with a touch of comedy about a single father who is separated from his daughter after an accident puts him in a coma for nine years. She is raised by Maggie and Gilmer who have the best of intentions, but are not normal in any way, shape or form. Finding each other again is going to be difficult for the father and his daughter, especially since he doesn’t know he’s looking and she doesn’t know she’s lost.

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