Classic 1975 Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers All About How Babies Are Made

June 23, 2016 in Books, Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, Review

Have you ever wondered how you were going to explain the birds and the bees to your kids? When they come to you asking how they got here, are you going to tell them a stork brought them or are you going to struggle through the details of love, sex, and pregnancy? Or the details of a drunken night, no condom, and the big oops?

This book is your solution. It goes there. It does not hold back on the details, complete with illustrations and everything. That’s right, illustrations of sex, pregnancy, and labor all in this innocent 1975 children’s book.

How a Baby is Made was written by Per Holm Knudsen and it’s so honest about the exact facts, it makes for a great coffee table decoration. Break it out at parties and pass it around. But, make sure you can trust the people who handle it if you are lucky enough to obtain a copy. It sells for over $200 right now.

This video is based on the book. The illustrations from the book are in the video, only they are now animated. So if you don’t have the money to buy a copy of How a Baby is Made, just show them this video when they start asking questions. Either that or pop some adult smut in and let that spark the conversation.

This Is One Way To Teach It

Entertainment Look writer Michael Allen is offering his book A River in the Ocean for free right now online? That’s right, you can read it free here…A River in the Ocean

The Book A River in the Ocean is Being Offered Free

October 4, 2013 in Books, Entertainment

A River in the Ocean

A River in the Ocean

The Kindle version of my book A River in the Ocean is being offered free on Amazon today and tomorrow. That’s right! I’m giving it away for two days, October 4 and October 5, 2013.

If you don’t have a kindle, don’t worry about it. You can still read the book on your computer and other devices. Kindle has free apps that you can download and they allow you to read the book on other digital devices like your laptop, your phone…etc.

So, get over there now and get your copy of my book! Then, I would really appreciate it if you returned to Amazon after reading it and telling the world how much you like it. Leave a review with five stars even if you have to lie about it…what would it hurt you to lie your ass off for your loving friend?

Get it now…A River in the Ocean

My Broken Piano, My Reading At The Vertikal Cafe

February 2, 2013 in Books, Commentary, Entertainment, Shows

Norm asked me to Bring the Love to his radio show with Celeste at the Vertikal Cafe! How could I say no?

My book of poetry published last year has brought so many people joy! The first time I was on the Vertikal Cafe I read In Memory of an Angel. I was asked to come back and the poem was requested three more times in the same show. I got quite a few snaps for that one!

So, I came back this time with My Broken Piano! It’s in my book of poetry Thoughts and Reconsideration. But, it’s also highlighted in my new book A River in the Ocean… Have a listen!


Excerpt from A River in the Ocean

Chris couldn’t find all the words. But as he looked at Amy, he started to find a few, “It’s like I have this whole other life I know nothing about. I’m trying to piece it together. But, nothing is coming. Maybe this is something trying to get out, trying to tell me something. But, I just can’t seem to figure it out yet.”


A River in the Ocean is a drama with a touch of comedy about a single father who is separated from his daughter after an accident puts him in a coma for nine years. She is raised by Maggie and Gilmer who have the best of intentions, but are not normal in any way, shape or form. Finding each other again is going to be difficult for the father and his daughter, especially since he doesn’t know he’s looking and she doesn’t know she’s lost.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the release of A River in the Ocean, please let me know. Put your name and email in the form below and I will make sure you are the first to hear about it. Your information will not be sold and I certainly won’t pester you either…

Just WAKE UP! by El Kartun

April 19, 2012 in Books, Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment

I recently found myself in a conversation with a friend I met awhile back. But our lives take turns and we write, publish, promote and then return to our old habits before we start writing again.

Linton Robinson is a very humorous man, but I particularly enjoy how he handles people who are trying to hustle young writers or anyone in general who is passing false information. He gives it to them straight and it’s very entertaining to see some scam artist who thinks he is simply going to pass through, make loads of money from the “fish” in the room and then shuffle off to his next pray. Linton stops them dead in his tracks.  It’s a sight to see.

Linton is the author of such works as Sweet Spot, Imaginary Lines and what I think is his personal favorite, Mexican Slang 101. He is also part of the writing team that recently published Mayan Calendar Girls. A book that can only be described in all its fascination by Linton Robinson himself.

Imagine my surprise when I asked him what he was up to these days and he mentioned Just WAKE UP! by El Kartun.  Often in our world, we plug ourselves when we get a chance. But, that’s Linton for you. He supports authors wholeheartedly and I’m going to follow his lead.

Just WAKE UP!  is a short story that exposes the reality of life in Tijuana, Mexico. From its description, “A haunting little piece that moves from everyday humdrum to the kind of violent ultra-reality more familiar to ‘TJ’ citizens than to Americans and other First World citizens…” Complete with illustrations from the author himself who is an art instructor and newspaper cartoonist, as well as a well-known caricaturist in the Tijuana art world.

Check out the following trailer:



To take a closer look, please follow below:

Michael Allen’s Interview on A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book

December 7, 2011 in Books, Entertainment

I had a blast!  It was exciting to do the interview with Jennifer Walker and talk about my books.  When You Miss Me was the main focus and I liked getting the chance to explain what I mean by a parent who is missing.  In a custody battle, each parent is given a certain amount of time with their child or their children. So, sometimes children do miss a parent even though they are both in the picture.  Being away is a change from being there every day.  So, enjoy the interview!  We do talk about A Danger to Society and other things.  So, let’s have a listen…

Listen to internet radio with Jennifer Walker on Blog Talk Radio

When You Miss Me

What It Is to Be An Author, My Morgen Bailey Interview

November 9, 2011 in Books, Entertainment

When You Miss MeI was interviewed by Morgen Bailey recently and it published today. I have to say that the interview was rather unique because we talked about writing mostly, what it is to be an author, which is one of my favorite topics. Normally when I’m interviewed about my book, it’s about the book. The issues inherent in the book become the theme of the conversation. But, talking about writing and the writing process was definitely refreshing.

One story I haven’t told in years is about my first poem, Slick Move. I can’t really say for sure whether it was before or after this that I knew I was a writer, but it’s a good indication about what time frame. I was six when I wrote Slick Move. It was about people slipping on bananas and oil spills. Obviously, you can tell the innocence. I have no idea how it went and I don’t think I could recreate it today.  But, that does give me something to think about!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the interview…Interview No. 182 With Author Michael Allen