Alanis Morissette Sings New Version Of ‘Ironic’ For The Internet Age And It’s Too Hilarious

November 14, 2015 in Celebrities, Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, Music, Review, Television

We all know that Alanis Morisette has a sense of humor. But, she brings it to The Late Late Show With James Corden. The song “Ironic” needed some updates since its release in 1995. These days, it’s all about the internet and Facebook. You ever wonder what the song would be like if it had been written today?

Besides the fact that they made the joke way back then that the song was hardly full of ironies. They were just bummers at best. See what they do with that bit of humor!

A Father’s Nightmare Comes True

October 22, 2015 in Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, kids, News, Review

Fathers have many nightmares. We love our children. We don’t want them to get hurt. We also want them to make good decisions.

But, we can’t be there for them all the time. That’s the hard part. We have to eventually let go and trust them. While we hope that we can do that, we worry whether we have done the right thing or not. We worry whether or not we have done enough to prepare them for the world.

The problem is that sometimes our children have prepared themselves for this world. They went way beyond what we gave them. They took it to other levels and they grew up on their own. We have no idea the things they know and what they’ve taught themselves while we weren’t around.

This father’s nightmare, one of the many, came true when he happened to look in on her one night. The look in his eyes show the hurt we all feel!

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It Might Be ‘Handjob Cabin,’ But There Is No Happy Ending

October 8, 2015 in Comedy, Entertainment, Movies, Shows, Television

This hilarious trailer for “Handjob Cabin” depicts a group of people who visit a cabin for a weekend away. What they encounter is something beyond their wildest imaginations.

A ghost in the cabin likes to give handjobs. But, her victims die after she handjobs them to death. The trailer is top notch hilarious.

But, this just in! For my readers only, I’ll let you in on the joke. It’s a spoof. There will be no movie to follow up with after you watch the trailer. Just watch it and enjoy knowing that there are creative and hilarious people in this world providing you with this awesome entertainment.

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The Most Hilarious Outtakes That Have Never Been Seen Before

September 8, 2015 in Celebrities, Comedy, Entertainment, Movies, Television

Making movies and television shows is tough business. You’re in a role and you’re trying to maintain that role, but something makes you laugh or you make a mistake. It’s easy to do.

The hardest thing to do is to keep your composure when all you want to do is laugh. Some comedians can get everyone around them laughing and you have to keep a straight face while you shoot the scene. Once the flood gates of laughter start coming, it’s hard to stop. You just can’t stop yourself, that involuntary reaction to something you find funny.

These are outtakes that have never been seen before. They didn’t even make it into gag reels previously seen because some of them just aren’t safe for normal viewers. There is language and off color jokes that were unsuitable for audiences some years ago. But, we’ve dropped our standards now I guess! They’re fine for us to watch now.

By the way, some aren’t even that old! From Seinfeld to The Office and Parks and Recreation, you’ll definitely laugh.

Amy Schumer With An Epic Prank On Katie Couric

August 9, 2015 in Celebrities, Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment

So, Katie Couric and her husband left the Glamour Women of the Year Awards a little early. Did Amy Schumer have anything to do with that?

Let’s just put it this way, don’t leave your phone open in front of Amy and then take off to go anywhere. Trust me! Not a good idea. Her husband just might have gotten a text from Katie and then of course, he was expecting something awesome that night that Katie had no idea about!

I can just imagine that conversation . . .

Katie: “Wait! What are you doing?”
John: “Come on. You know!”
Katie: “I most certainly do not. What do you think you’re doing?”
John: “But, you said we’re doing that thing that I’ve always wanted to do.”
Katie: “Uh first of all, no we’re not. Never, are we doing that! And when did I say that we would?”
John: “I got a text from you back at the award thing.”
Katie: “AMY!!!!”

Yeah, it’s that good! But then again, Amy Schumer never disappoints!

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The Star Spangled Banner

September 15, 2011 in Comedy

Yesterday, I was motivated to write on my facebook about the Star Spangled Banner because it was in 1814 that Francis Scott Key wrote it.  My motivation was quickly turned into believing I was somehow on the Jay Leno Show because of the confusion I had caused.

A few facts remain that we declared our independence on July 4, 1776 and that Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to the National Anthem yesterday morning in 1814 as he saw the flag flying over Fort McHenry from eight miles away.  That prompted the following discussion between a young lady and myself:

So Mike, we won the war in 1814?

Yeah, well… (Interrupted before I got a chance for clarification)

Is that what the Thirty Year War was about?

Uh, no.  The “Thirty Years War” was something different. We didn’t fight from 1776 to 1814. There were two different wars… (Interrupted again before I had a chance to explain the difference and to let her know that 1776 to 1814 does not quite equal thirty years)

“Oh, is that what World War I and II were about?

“Um, no.”

It was at that moment that I started looking around for a camera crew. Jay Leno must have been playing a serious practical joke on me and I just knew that some camera crew was hiding somewhere getting a big kick out of all this.



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The Mr. Sunshine Practical Joke

March 2, 2011 in Comedy, Entertainment, Television

imageHave you noticed yourself thinking the phone was ringing or that your neighbor’s phone was ringing while you watch the newest hit show Mr. Sunshine?  Matthew Perry plays Ben Donovan, the self-involved manager of a second-rate San Diego sports arena.

The show sort of has the Chandler we’ve all come to love, only he’s very self-involved, which would make him the antithesis to the Chandler Bing character we appreciated in Friends.  But, he has the same wit and he certainly has mostly all of his life together except, of course, for the one thing that seems to always matter most, he has no one to share it.

Back to my original question, if you are hearing a phone ring every time you watch the show, that’s because you are.  I think they do it on purpose.  Of course, they pass through the office space quite a bit and that would be a logical reason for the phone ringing sound bite…all the time.  But, I have never noticed this in other “office” scenes in shows.  It rarely happens in The Office, and when it does, it’s part of the scene.

The Humor of Reggie Watts

July 5, 2010 in Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, Music, Television

Reggie just came at me tonight kicking my butt all over the floor.  He is in your face with his intelligence that he uses to demonstrate the absurdity he sees in this world.

It’s the kind of humor I can kick back and get all day because it puts the idiosyncrasies of the world on display.  His rap at the end of Why S*** So Crazy?  is a commentary on what makes rap and the rap industry ridiculous.  Catch the video sometime if you can.  It’s called F ck Sh t Stack.  No, you’re reading those titles correctly.  Watch the show and you’ll understand why his titles are spelled that way.

He records sound bites on stage and then plays them back with other sound bites that he creates on stage.  He sings or raps and he changes his voice to any tone, any accent, anything.  He has some real talent.  He is using it to humor us.  But, he could just as easily get serious with it.

He actually has more talent than some of the big guys in the hip hop industry today.  Reggie can change up and do Reggae whenever he feels.  He turns it on, shuts it off, talks about a few things that makes us laugh and then he’s right back into it again.  That’s the sign of a genius.

Anyway, the excerpt to the left is from his Comedy Central special Why S*** So Crazy?  It’s the perfect example of the kind of humor that makes Reggie so F ck ng awesome.  He talks about his research in Mexico and how the GPS intuitive linguistic system in Mexico is different from that of Canada and America.  He talks about the obviousness that is there is something that you can’t miss.


Why S*** So Crazy?