The Lonely Daughter: A Halloween Story

October 27, 2009 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Events

I wanted to share a nice little Halloween story with you. My daughter plays a roll. I begged and begged. Finally she gave in to be the star of her […]

Where The Wild Things Are – The Movie?

October 18, 2009 in Entertainment, Movies

This is an awesome time to be living for me.  When I was a kid, Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book.  I even had posters on my […]

Your Own Personal Computer Tech Guy

October 5, 2009 in computers, Entertainment

It was just about the worst scenario.  I work online, but I couldn’t get online.  I woke up one morning and made myself a pot of coffee.  In the process, […]

It Seemed Just Like Yesterday

October 4, 2009 in Attractions, Celebrities, Entertainment, Events, Movies, Music, Sports, Television

Children coming into this world today are being raised with a great bit of technology surrounding them all the time.  It’s strange to me that just a few short years […]