Luke Aikins Plummeted 25,000 Feet Without A Parachute And Lived To Tell About It

January 28, 2018 in Commentary, Entertainment, Events, Sports

That’s right, Luke Aikins left the aircraft without a chute and landed on the ground safely. That’s because it was a stunt. It was meant to go that way. He […]

What Started Out As A Motorcycle Ride Gone Wrong Became Poetry In Motion

December 14, 2017 in Commentary, Entertainment, Events, News, Review

They were riding on a rainy day. The roads were wet. Anyone can tell you that’s not the best time to go for a ride. But, that’s what they wanted […]

Why The Drama Has To Stir For Lady Gaga From One Haphazard Look Of Leonardo DiCaprio

January 12, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Events, Movies, Music, News, Review, Television

This is how the news makes a stink out of nothing. Did Leonardo DiCaprio have a strange look on his face as Lady Gaga went up to get her award […]

Masters of Gravity in Awesome Action

September 21, 2011 in Entertainment, Events, Review, Sports

This is phenomenal dancing! Aerobatics, graceful falling, suspending gravity…whatever you want to call it, this is tight.  I used to do break dancing in the day.  Yes, you can believe […]

The Pirates Storm the Bay and Take the Mayor Hostage

February 1, 2010 in Attractions, Entertainment, Events

It was a blast!  The pirates came into Tampa and took over the city.  They took the mayor hostage as they fired guns and canons at onlookers.  The most unique […]

Haiti Efforts Take On Inventive Levels: Get Involved

January 20, 2010 in Commentary, Events, News

Online Black Friday Shopping

November 25, 2009 in Attractions, Events

What happens to a person when they just have to have a Tickle Me Elmo so bad that they are willing to attack the person who has the last one? […]

Amazon Now Publishes: Ideal for the Up and Coming Authors

November 25, 2009 in Attractions, Entertainment, Events

If you have polished off your novel and are looking for a publisher, you know that you could be in for a ride.  Even if you have the next best […]

The Lonely Daughter: A Halloween Story

October 27, 2009 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Events

I wanted to share a nice little Halloween story with you. My daughter plays a roll. I begged and begged. Finally she gave in to be the star of her […]

It Seemed Just Like Yesterday

October 4, 2009 in Attractions, Celebrities, Entertainment, Events, Movies, Music, Sports, Television

Children coming into this world today are being raised with a great bit of technology surrounding them all the time.  It’s strange to me that just a few short years […]