Jumping the Broom

August 12, 2011 in Celebrities, Movies, Review

imageFirst of all, I loved learning the tradition about “Jumping the Broom.” I especially loved the cameo with El DeBarge. It took me back to more innocent and less complex times.

Remember “Rhythm of the Night” featured in The Last Dragon, 1985?  Yeah, that’s how far back that takes me. So if you weren’t around then, check it out!  That’s how we dressed.  That’s what interested us. Those were our dorky days and El DeBarge was smack dab in the center.

Anyway, back to the movie. Jumping the Broom was interesting, interesting to say the least.  But, my thoughts went a different way.

Spoiler Alert: I will talk about the ending. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you should bookmark my page until you have. Like it on Facebook, Share it on Digg, then go watch the movie. My page will be here when you get back.


First of all, I think the characters in the movie take too many liberties way too fast.  It begins with Mrs. Taylor who is meeting the soon-to-be In-Laws for the very first time and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is something that stabs straight to the heart of the bride’s mother. After Mrs. Watson mentions how great Mrs. Taylor’s son is, “I wish I could say the same about you and your daughter.” Of course, she didn’t mean it that way. She meant she hadn’t met anyone yet and obviously, the Watson’s had already met her son.  But, that just gets the party started.

Of course, Mrs. Watson deals with it.  But, the blades are sharpened and they don’t’ stop coming. Now, I don’t expect anyone to be fake.  If you don’t like someone, you don’t have to act like you do. But, you don’t have to ruin a wedding and take occasion with everything, every time you have a problem or something negative to say. There are times when you’ll get your moment.  But, you have to forget yourself when it’s not all about you.


Vulgarity Alert: I will be saying something next that might offend virgin ears…

Who the hell does that bitch think she is? When Mrs. Taylor spills the beans to Sabrina that the Watson’s are not her parents, where does she get off thinking that’s her business to spill?  I would have sent her packing in a hot minute. I probably would have escorted her to the car myself to make sure she got off my property.

Now realistically, that would have been a deal breaker for a wedding.  At the very least, that would have slowed things down. Sabrina now has some issues to get through. The wedding would most definitely have had to wait. But, that brings up another issue I have with this movie.

It went from everyone having daggers and stabbing people in the back to all smiles and dancing within a few short scenes.  Vulgarity Alert (again): Bull shit!

I don’t expect movies to be realistic.  I think I’ve mentioned before that movies are great when they are about ridiculous coincidences, the impossible and outrageous circumstances.  But, don’t build me up for the huge explosion and then clean up the mess like it was just a firecracker.

People are telling each other off after letting emotions simmer just below the surface. Cousins are decking each other. Moms are being put in their places and the world gets turned upside down. How many issues can come to the surface all at one time? My mind would have melted if I had been there.

But, let’s go ahead with the wedding. Invite the groom’s mother back after she’s destroyed everything. All three parents stand up and give away their child, with smiles on their faces. Then, we’ll all dance and the cousin who has been striking out throughout the entire movie gets hit on by the most beautiful woman in the world, Julie Bowen.

Sounds good to me!


By the way, Jumping the Broom was a demonstration of a union between a man and his wife because slaves weren’t allowed to marry.  Just in case you’ve been wondering since I first mentioned it.

Love & Other Drugs Too Coincidental

August 9, 2011 in Entertainment, Movies, Review

Spoiler Alert: This Review of Love & Other Drugs does discuss the ending and certain significant parts of the movie.  If you have not watched it, don’t read this until you have although I love your company!


Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie, stars in Love & Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway, Maggie, a story about a guy who loses a sales job because he couldn’t keep his hands off the bosses girlfriend. He looks into pharmaceuticals where billions of dollars are being made in the drug industry. He can get any woman he wants and eventually he doesn’t have a problem selling any drug he wants. He’s very successful at all walks of life, he even meets the woman of his dreams.

She doesn’t want a relationship, it’s just about sex. He can leave right after. He doesn’t have to get emotionally involved. It’s perfect.

But of course, all that changes…thoughts while viewing:

She didn’t reject him.  When Josh, Jamie’s younger brother, says she rejected him, it’s quite the opposite. She was falling for him. She said she couldn’t do it anymore because she was protecting herself from falling for him even deeper. That’s not rejection. No one, not even a person like Jamie should have a reaction like that.

It’s too coincidental. When she’s pouring herself a drink and shaking all over the place, she can hardly hold her glass. You realize it’s too coincidental. He’s in pharmaceuticals and she has a medical problem. A guy who sells drugs and a girl who needs healing. What are the odds? It would change the life of a careless salesman. A man who only cares about sales, falling in love with a lady who shows him the other side of the business. She is the bottom line. She is the effect and it should change who he is forever.

Then, she breaks up with him again. What’s her issue being mad at him when they bump into each other at a restaurant?  She can’t even remember her date’s name. So, why does she have such an attitude about bumping into him and he’s not saying exactly what she wants to hear?

But, here’s the kicker.  Too coincidental?  Too coincidental indeed! He’s going to go to medical school now, obviously because he actually wants to heal people rather than shove Viagra down dirty old men’s throats.

But, too coincidental is what makes good stories. It’s not a story if it doesn’t have a few twists and turns to it. What would be the good of a story about a guy who goes to medical school? Or what would be the good of a story about a guy who falls in love with someone who is sick?  Those things happen all the time.

But, what about a story of a guy who is so self-involved and a womanizer, finding employment in pharmaceuticals where he learns how to blow away the competition, falls in love with a sick lady who needs someone to care for her, but won’t accept the care of anyone who gets too close, and it changes his life forever because now, instead of being about the money and getting laid, he’s about being real and finding the cure, loving her and living genuine? Now, that’s a story.

Stories that are too coincidental have the detail that make it an interesting story. Movies would be five minutes long if they didn’t have certain coincidences:

A happily married couple, who are both mercenaries, but they don’t know it about each other, and they become each other’s target. The coincidences make it a good story.

A stuck up socialite throws a carpenter off her boat, only to fall off her own boat and get tricked into thinking she has lost her memory, taking care of the house and taking care of the kids…of the carpenter, but they eventually do fall in love. How cruel!  How coincidental!

The owner of a big bookstore chain is mortal enemies with the owner of a small bookstore getting ready to get gobbled up, but they fall in love despite the fact that one can easily devour the other. Fairly coincidental.  They say hatred is a powerful attraction.

You get the picture?  Coincidence is often what pulls a story together. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Boy gets girl. They live happily ever after. Nothing coincidental in that. Give me a story!

Where The Wild Things Are – The Movie?

October 18, 2009 in Entertainment, Movies

This is an awesome time to be living for me.  When I was a kid, Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book.  I even had posters on my walls.

But I thought I was losing it one day, years later after I had completely grown.  I could remember the “Wild Things.”  I could remember them vividly in my mind, but I couldn’t find any proof that they ever existed.

My mom had gotten rid of the books a long time ago.  My posters were gone too.  I couldn’t remember what the Wild Things were called ironically.  So, I thought it was just a part of my imagination.  Something I had lost along the way from childhood to manhood.

Then one day, just a few short weeks ago, I see something that throws me back.  It’s the movie.  Where the Wild Things Are the movie will be playing in the theaters.  It seems to me like an entire generation missed out on the great stories that I once loved as a child.

But then, it is resurrected.  Just in time for my daughter to be able to enjoy them as much as I did.  But, she’ll get to see it in the movie theater and then I’ll bring it home when it comes out on DVD.  When I was growing up, we had to use our imagination.  But, I tell you what!  I think I’m going to enjoy it much better this time around. 


It Seemed Just Like Yesterday

October 4, 2009 in Attractions, Celebrities, Entertainment, Events, Movies, Music, Sports, Television

Children coming into this world today are being raised with a great bit of technology surrounding them all the time.  It’s strange to me that just a few short years ago, we did not have these things.  I do not consider myself old at all and I did not have these things when I was young.

I learned typing on a typewriter.  Are there any that still exist?

We walked around listening to radios through our headphones until the tape player came out?

We had to buy an artist’s entire album.

I played Space Invaders and Donkey Kong on my Atari 2600.  It came with Pong and Asteroids.  I don’t think any other games existed at the time.

I wrote letters and called people on the phone.  I got tangled up in the phone chord every once in awhile.  The first phone I ever made a phone call on had a rotary dial that took two minutes to dial a number. click click click click click

We had to wait for a movie to come out in the video store and we had to sit through commercials on the television.  That was the bathroom break.  I’m not saying video stores and commercials don’t exist today.  I’m just saying that’s what we had to do.  There are other options available now.

We had to look things up in encyclopedias and dictionaries.  Or read a book.

I have mixed emotions about it.  I mean, I would rather sit in front of the computer and type in a search that comes up with a million and one sites that I can begin exploring and finding my answer.  I love being able to correct my work before I print it.  I love being able to put together a CD with only the music I enjoy.  It does seem as if we live in a world that in many ways, has a lot less waste.

But, I think children of today are missing a rich education because they are handed the easy way and they never learn the foundation from which teachers can build.  When a teenager is on the internet instant messaging her friends and using abbreviations like omg and lmao, she then starts writing like that in other areas of her life.  She writes her term papers with abbreviations and misspellings like “u” and “b.”

“Win u get 2 b da prez, dats win u own da world.”


So, in many ways it’s a far better world.  I just don’t want anyone to lose sight of where we came and how far we’ve come.  Our history is an important part of our future.