UCLA Cheerleader Falls, Not Once But Twice

February 10, 2017 in Sports

It just might have been the worst night for this UCLA cheerleader. First of all, her tragedy was seen by millions on national television. Then of course, it’s being viewed over and over today by the magic of the internet.

I’m sorry to say that I’m part of her tragedy because I’m sharing her viral video as well. My apologies, but it’s viral worthy.

At first, she was having a normal night. She put on her UCLA cheerleader uniform and her brave face. Then, she went out on that basketball court and she gave it her best. That’s when something happened. It was horrific. It was a nightmare for any cheerleader, let alone a UCLA cheerleader.

She fell off of the pyramid. That rarely happens. These cheerleaders practice and practice themselves to perfection. When they go out to do a show, they are ready and confident that they won’t fall.

But, that has to play in the back of their minds. Most of the time when there’s a fail, it’s because a person got all up in their head about it. If you think you’re going to fail, you most likely will cause yourself to fail.

So, this cheerleader might have had a little of that negativity in her head when they threw her up high on the pyramid. She came back down and she came back down in a big way. Just not the way she wanted to come back down. She came down wrong. So much so, she had to be rushed off of the court by another cheerleader.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of her troubling night. Have you ever had one of those nights where it just wouldn’t stop? You just wanted it all to end and the day wouldn’t get over with fast enough? That’s probably how this girl felt.

Poor UCLA Cheerleader

Aaron Rodgers’ Family Blaming Olivia Munn

January 20, 2017 in Celebrities, Commentary, Movies, News, Sports, Television

They just wrapped on Ocean’s Eight and Olivia Munn recently came out in Office Christmas Party. Can you say this girl is there? She’s not getting there or on her way. She has arrived.

But, talk to Aaron Rodgers’ family and you’d think there was something else going on. Why is Aaron estranged from his family? Supposedly, the family thinks that Olivia is with him for all the wrong reasons and that’s what drove Aaron away. When they tried to tell him, he got frustrated and the relationship has been very distant since.

Jordan Rodgers joined the ever growing membership of The Bachelorette and actually got engaged on the show to JoJo Fletcher. But, she has yet to meet Aaron even though he might soon be her brother-in-law. That’s how “complicated” this family feud has gotten.

But, why blame her? She is a star in her own right. She doesn’t need Aaron to keep her in the spotlight. She’s doing just fine on her own.

Of course, I haven’t been there. I don’t know for sure. I’m just picking up on a very real vibe. His jaw drops when he sees her. Whose doesn’t? So, that’s real. And she’s not gold digging. She doesn’t have to. So, that’s real. That’s my professional diagnosis on the situation and I’m sticking with it.

It just doesn’t add up.

How Can They Blame Her?

her face

She Once Bought Her Mom A House

in the pool

She Doesn’t Need Aaron’s Money


I’d Say He’s Happy With The Relationship

Olivia Munn

It Will Work Itself Out

catching a game

Bonus: Everybody Was Getting Naked

Little 3 Year Old Takes On Huge Raging Bull Ride Like A Boss

August 9, 2016 in Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, kids, Sports

It’s the moment every cowboy dreams about. That time when they get on the bull and take it for a ride. The bull bucks and twists. But, the cowboy holds on tight for the full ride.

That’s what this little tyke is doing. He’s getting read to take off on a vicious bull ride. That is after he gets some instruction about holding onto the rope with one hand.

Then, he has to pull that rope tight. The bull don’t like that and that’s what the game is all about. Keep one arm in the air. Make sure the rope is pulled and hold it with all you got.

After the instruction, he is ready to go. The gate flies open and that’s when this little boy realizes what it’s all about. He’s in for the ride of his life.

It’s About To Get Real

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Luke Aikins Plummeted 25,000 Feet Without A Parachute And Lived To Tell About It

August 1, 2016 in Commentary, Entertainment, Events, Sports

That’s right, Luke Aikins left the aircraft without a chute and landed on the ground safely. That’s because it was a stunt. It was meant to go that way. He literally jumped out of a plane with no parachute on purpose. It’s the Heaven Sent stunt presented by Stride Gum.

While you’re scratching your head on that one, Luke broke the record for the highest jump without a parachute. That means, there are other people out there jumping out of planes with no chutes.

I’m sure Guinness World Records used to have an entry about a person who might have fallen out of an airplane or was pushed and by some stroke of pure dumb luck, landed perfectly in a field of cotton or birds snatched him and helped him get to the ground safely. But after that, it was on. People were jumping out of airplanes without parachutes on purpose.

I submit, I used to jump out of airplanes and I needed an entire field in order to be able to land safely. Guys I jumped with had been in competitions and they talked about how tough it was to hit a mark. I can imagine. It takes skill to find a place on earth and then guide your chute so that you get as close as you possibly can. Some guys were so good, they landed right on the mark.

But, here’s a guy with no chute. So, he has to figure out how he’s going to navigate his body to a mark 25,000 feet below him that looks like a dot to him at that point. As he gets closer, it does become bigger. But, there is so much room for error in this and think about it. He doesn’t have a chute.

It doesn’t matter anyway. If he navigates wrong, he won’t have time to fix it. Not even if he had a chute to pull. But, that’s not what happened. He nailed it and it’s a must watch.

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Luke Aikins’ Record Breaking Jump

HEAVEN SENT – Luke Aikins Jumps Out of a Plane… by -Tommynoker

Katy Perry Nails 2016 Rio Olympics Theme With New Motivational Hit ‘Rise’

July 15, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Music, News, Review, Society, Sports

Every once in a while, there comes a song that nails a time or an era. People might be going through troubling times and need an escape. Then a song comes along that gives them the escape they need for a bright shining moment.

But when it’s associated with the upcoming Olympics, it becomes more than just a song. It becomes an anthem that we all can sing. Something the builds us up and let’s us believe in ourselves again.

Gratuitous Shot Of The Beautiful Katy Perry

Gratuitous Shot Of The Beautiful Katy Perry

With everything that’s going on in the world, isn’t about time we heard something good? Isn’t it about time we had something that brings us inspiration? That’s the message Katy Perry’s “Rise” brings to me.

So, let it make your day and get you ready to watch the big games that are just around the corner. And who better to bring it to you than her biggest fan, Michael Allen!

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Get Ready To Get Motivated

Sometimes, People Can Do The Most Amazing Things

June 23, 2016 in Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Sports

Sometimes, I look at people doing extreme stunts and I wonder how they ever got their start. They are taking their talents to higher levels and it is amazing. This entire video is of the most awesome stunts you have ever seen.

From gymnastics to targeting a ping pong ball, the list of stunts just keeps going and going. Of course, practice has a lot to do with it. But, some of these things take guts in the first place.

You have to build up your confidence to be able to do these stunts and know that you can do it. Then instead of just thinking about it, they have to put their practice into motion. Watch these guys go nuts! They are amazing and if there was a more grand word to describe it than amazing, I would use that one!

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This Is An Amazing World

They Might Look Like They Are Getting Ready To Professionally Arm Wrestle, But Watch What Really Happens

June 18, 2016 in Commentary, Entertainment, Sports

When you watch these guys go up against each other, you might think it’s a little bit overkill. They have gloves on both hands and they are staring each other down like it’s WWIII.

They won’t stop moving either. They need enough time to let the ref set them up. But, they are so ready to go at it that they can’t calm down for a second.

You’d think they were going for the Olympics of Arm Wrestling. But, that’s not the thing. That’s not the thing at all.

This sport is totally different. You’ve never seen anything like this one. Not unless you were actually there. Let’s put it this way, I’m into extreme sports and fighting of all kinds and I’ve never seen it. That might not be saying much to the more hardcore extreme sport fans out there. But, this is unreal.

Were did this sport come from and where is it going?

A Whole New Sport Has Been Born

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Getting Too Close To A Drifting Car Will End Up Just Like This

January 19, 2016 in Commentary, Entertainment, Sports

I’m forever wondering how people get good at what they do. I know they have accidents along the way. But obviously, they are still alive so they didn’t have accidents that were that bad.

When a guy is doing flips on a skateboard, how many teeth did he lose and bones did he break? When a gymnast is doing flips across the floor, how many broken necks has she had to endure? Those are the thoughts that go through my head.

With drifting cars, they get close. They get real close. Good drifters can breeze right by a wall and not even scrape it. But, how many times have they traded paint with something? How many times have they slammed straight into something?

Here’s one here. But, it’s not really the drifter’s fault. He was just practicing. The guy watching, doing all the clapping, he wasn’t watching where he was going and put himself right in the middle of the track. This is what that looks like when a car is going 80 mph and a guy puts himself in the way.

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015 Runner Up Is Smoking Hot

January 16, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Sports

Her name is Maddie Sparkle and she’s blowing up. Ironically, she got second place in the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015. But, she’s the internet’s favorite despite what the judges from Australia thought that day when they chose a winner.

Miss Filly won. But, her routine was hard and set to rock. She has a tone body with muscles on top of muscles. When she wrapped her legs around the pole, you thought she was going to break it.

But, along comes Maddie Sparkle. She was sexy and sensual. When she climbed on the pole, it was like she was getting ready to make love to it. Her moves were smooth as she spun around the pole, up and down and then off to the other one to give it a workout.

Those three minutes are the hottest ones you’re going to have today with yourself. Enjoy!

What Was Kirk Cousins Thinking Before The Half Against The Eagles?

December 28, 2015 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, News, Review, Sports

You can learn a lot from Kirk Cousins in his game against the Eagles week 16. There is one specific moment to highlight and it happened just before the half. The Redkins were up 16 to 10 and they had an impressive drive going. With 6 seconds left on the clock and the clock ticking, Cousins had to do something.

Lesson one, you have to keep your head. He could have spiked the ball and stopped the clock. That would have given him time to figure out how to wrap up the drive with a score. But, that’s not what he did.

Lesson two, making a mistake is not the end of the world. The Redskins went on to beat the Eagles despite Cousins lapse of judgment. That’s exactly what he did too! He had a lapse of judgment.

Being up and going in at the half ahead is not a bad situation. But, could the situation have been better? It could have. For some reason though, Kirk Cousins had an entirely different idea…

Can A Normal Guy Handle The Rock’s Diet

September 3, 2015 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Sports

What happens when a guy tries The Rock’s diet? What you have to remember is that The Rock worked up to his diet. He didn’t just start eating all that food at once.

In fact, it’s a science that went into it. If you go through what’s in the diet, you’ll soon realize that it’s maximized. It is built for optimal nutrition and benefit to the body:

Meal 1

10 oz cod
2 whole eggs
2 cups oatmeal

Meal 2

8 oz cod
12 oz sweet potato
1 cup veggies

Meal 3

8 oz chicken
2 cups white rice
1 cup veggies

Meal 4

8 oz cod
2 cups rice
1 cup veggies
1 tbsp fish oil

Meal 5

8 oz steak
12 oz baked potato
spinach salad

Meal 6

10 oz cod
2 cups rice

Meal 7

30 grams casein protein
10 egg-white omelet
1 cup veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms)
1 tbsp omega-3 fish oil

He eats all that in one day. But, it’s not hard for him because he worked up to it. But, can you imagine the average guy trying to take it on. Let’s see how he does!

Molly Huddle Celebrates Prematurely And Loses The Bronze By A Hair

August 25, 2015 in Celebrities, Commentary, Review, Sports

It’s the worst feeling ever when you think you’ve won and someone comes up from behind you to take the race. You’ve put in all your time and energy. You’ve put in the work and you’ve won the race.

But if you don’t run the race until the end, you might as well just hand it over to the hungry competition who has been on your tail the entire time. Molly Huddle was pulling up to the finish line with the Bronze within her grasp. She put her hands up and started celebrating. But, that slowed her down.

Fellow American runner Emily Infeld stretched for it and won the Bronze. Molly was devastated and she had every right to be. But, she could only blame herself. Emily did what she was supposed to do. She fought until the end.

Molly did just the opposite. She thought she had it. She took it for granted and that’s a mistake she’ll probably never make again. It only takes one time to learn a lesson as valuable as that one.

With the Bronze just in your grasp, keep fighting! It’s not in your hands until it’s actually in your hands. Because until that happens, it’s anyone’s race. Always remember that! This is not the first time a professional athlete, a professional high level runner has celebrated prematurely and lost the race. It happens more than you think. Just make sure it never happens to you!