Steve Carell And Rashida Jones Hit A Home Run With ‘Angie Tribeca’

January 18, 2016 in Celebrities, Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Television

I know Nancy Carell has something to do with the show. Like she might be a producer or something right along with her husband Steve. But, mentioning her name in the title would have made it too long. So…

Angie Tribeca is hilarious comedy reminiscent of Leslie Nielsen in Police Squad!, or even Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun. Quite possibly the humor of Leslie Nielsen in Airplane!

It’s the kind of fast paced humor with jokes coming out of nowhere. The thousand jokes per minute type of comedy that makes viewers laugh the whole time and miss jokes while they’re cackling like a kangaroo in a boxing match.

In the pilot episode, there is a running scene where the guy they are chasing is jogging. Detective Geils is sprinting around corners and flipping over obstacles like a parkour pro. Tribeca has to staple a paper suit together to get in the race and ends up getting the guy. That’s the kind of humor you can expect and that barely scratches the surface.

The best joke though is that they are in Season 2, or so they would have you think. But if you follow television, you might be thinking, “When did Season 1 run?”

The Pilot appears to be scheduled to run on January 25, 2016. That’s right! Do the math and you realize that Season 1 was introduced in the Binge Marathon that started January 17, 2016. Your mind is not playing tricks on you. TBS is!

With a 25 hour marathon scheduled and the entire season ending just a little over 4 hours into it, you’ll have plenty of chances until 10 pm on the 18th to catch all of the episodes of Season 1. This has to be the most unique idea in television history. Is Season 2 for real? Has it been made yet? Or is this just a really interesting gimmick to get comedy enthusiasts and Rashida Jones fans like me interested in a show to see if there will even be a Season 2.

Stay tuned for my first installment of Steve Carell And Rashida Jones Hit A Home Run With ‘Angie Tribeca’. It should be a good article if you like reading that kind of stuff.

Why The Drama Has To Stir For Lady Gaga From One Haphazard Look Of Leonardo DiCaprio

January 12, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Events, Movies, Music, News, Review, Television

This is how the news makes a stink out of nothing. Did Leonardo DiCaprio have a strange look on his face as Lady Gaga went up to get her award at the Golden Globes? Yes. But, what did it mean?

The fact of the matter is that Lady Gaga had bumped his arm. Not her fault. Not his fault for not expecting it. But, the news will churn it like he cast “Shade” on her.

You know what? It was such a great evening for Lady Gaga, it would have to be dragged down by the media who builds its business by finding the drama in every story. She looked great! I loved how sincere she was when she accepted her award. And I love her period.

As far as Leonardo DiCaprio is concerned, I’m a fan. He has grown into one of the best actors in Hollywood and he should have received many awards by now. The fact that he has never received an Oscar is a crazy calculation of odds that won’t always be true. He’s due! If not for all the other work that he has done, The Revenant will get him there. No doubt!

So, what entertains you?

Alanis Morissette Sings New Version Of ‘Ironic’ For The Internet Age And It’s Too Hilarious

November 14, 2015 in Celebrities, Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, Music, Review, Television

We all know that Alanis Morisette has a sense of humor. But, she brings it to The Late Late Show With James Corden. The song “Ironic” needed some updates since its release in 1995. These days, it’s all about the internet and Facebook. You ever wonder what the song would be like if it had been written today?

Besides the fact that they made the joke way back then that the song was hardly full of ironies. They were just bummers at best. See what they do with that bit of humor!

It Might Be ‘Handjob Cabin,’ But There Is No Happy Ending

October 8, 2015 in Comedy, Entertainment, Movies, Shows, Television

This hilarious trailer for “Handjob Cabin” depicts a group of people who visit a cabin for a weekend away. What they encounter is something beyond their wildest imaginations.

A ghost in the cabin likes to give handjobs. But, her victims die after she handjobs them to death. The trailer is top notch hilarious.

But, this just in! For my readers only, I’ll let you in on the joke. It’s a spoof. There will be no movie to follow up with after you watch the trailer. Just watch it and enjoy knowing that there are creative and hilarious people in this world providing you with this awesome entertainment.

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The Most Hilarious Outtakes That Have Never Been Seen Before

September 8, 2015 in Celebrities, Comedy, Entertainment, Movies, Television

Making movies and television shows is tough business. You’re in a role and you’re trying to maintain that role, but something makes you laugh or you make a mistake. It’s easy to do.

The hardest thing to do is to keep your composure when all you want to do is laugh. Some comedians can get everyone around them laughing and you have to keep a straight face while you shoot the scene. Once the flood gates of laughter start coming, it’s hard to stop. You just can’t stop yourself, that involuntary reaction to something you find funny.

These are outtakes that have never been seen before. They didn’t even make it into gag reels previously seen because some of them just aren’t safe for normal viewers. There is language and off color jokes that were unsuitable for audiences some years ago. But, we’ve dropped our standards now I guess! They’re fine for us to watch now.

By the way, some aren’t even that old! From Seinfeld to The Office and Parks and Recreation, you’ll definitely laugh.

Parks and Recreation: April’s Greatest Insults for Ann

October 9, 2014 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Television

To honor the most amazing lady on the planet, I have put together this video of Aubrey Plaza who plays April on Parks and Recreation. And by putting together this video, I mean that I snagged it from NBC and brought it over here to share with everyone.

So, enjoy the insults April heaves on Ann. If you are a fan of Parks and Recreation, you’ll love hearing April as she takes pop after pop at Ann’s expense. It is hilarious and it’s why we all love Aubrey so much.

Getting Some Satisfaction with Katherine LaNasa

August 2, 2014 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Shows, Television

Satisfaction Katherine LaNasaSatisfaction bursts on the scene and I remember exactly what I was doing that day. I was watching something else. But, I have come to realize that was my loss.

I have caught up with the back story and am now watching faithfully. But, only for one reason. As always, I’m a fan because of the pretty lady. In this case, that pretty lady being Katherine LaNasa.

I spent the first two episodes of the show wondering where I had seen her before. She’s sexy. She’s hot. So obviously, I have seen her before. But, I couldn’t figure out where.

Then, it dawned on me. So, I did my research and confirmed my suspicions. She was the hot lady in Two and a Half Men. But of course, you’re thinking which one right? I know. There were so many that came in and out of that show.

Satisfaction Katherine LaNasaBut, try this one. She was the professional lady who sold real estate and started to remind him of his mother. She actually had him wrapped around her finger. But then, he started to see the similarities between this lovely lady who knocked his socks off and the demon who spawned him.

Remember now? Thought you would…

Did Family Guy Really Kill Off Brian Griffin?

November 25, 2013 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

Family Guy Brian GriffinI couldn’t believe it when I heard that Family Guy was going to kill off one of its characters. And it wasn’t just a character. It was a family member.

And it wasn’t just a member, it was Brian Griffin!

Yes, Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin last night. But, is it real? Is there a chance that Brian will come back to life? Will Stewie wake up one day and realize it was all a bad dream? Shows have done that you know?

Well, I’m not saying it won’t happen or it couldn’t happen. But according to executive producer Steve Callaghan, it’s real. Brian is really gone. And he’s been replaced already with another dog named Vinny.

The reason Steve gives for killing off Brian is because one of the kids would have been more traumatic for viewers. The dog is more realistic. But, that doesn’t answer the question of why anyone had to die. Why did anyone have to die?

It appears some smart guy comes walking into a Family Guy meeting  one day and pitches the idea like it was no one’s business. All of a sudden, they’re all think about it. The idea is now catching on and they’re working on putting it in the show. What in the world? Who? What?

Well like I said, it’s not like Stewie can’t wake up one day and realize it was all a bad dream! You know, like it was all just a really bad dream!

Too Much Coincidence at the Castle

October 16, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

The one thing about Castle is that I let the show get away with it. As a fan, I let a lot of things slide. But, don’t think I don’t pick up on the fact that the story was a little too coincidental.

First though, before I get into those details, I want to say that when Beckett was in the FBI, I was wondering how that was going to work. It didn’t seem to have anywhere to go. How would they have kept Esposito and Ryan in episode after episode? The coincidences were starting to pile up just to do that.

At first, Castle is calling to get Esposito and Ryan to check on something for him. Okay, I get that. That’s not a coincidence. If you need something run through police databases, you go with who you know. Then, episode one spills into episode two.

But, episode three brings Beckett and her new FBI partner to New York for a case. They walk into the precinct and there are Esposito and Ryan with the new guy, Sully. Beckett and her partner are taking over a murder case and they’re going to need all the information the NYPD has, but they aren’t offering much cooperation in return.

I’m not in the moment if I’m thinking about too many coincidences. So no, it couldn’t have gone on forever. Beckett in D.C. Esposito and Ryan in New York. Castle was just about ready to tell Beckett he was coming to D.C., but a knock on the door is the answer to all of our questions. Beckett gets fired from the FBI because she leaked a detail to save a person’s life.

Episode Four is where we pick up and Beckett is out of work. This is where the coincidences begin again. Castle gets a call that a lady is holding people hostage in a Dentist’s Office and she wants to speak to him. When we learn that she knows about Castle’s ability to solve crimes, we drop our edge and get back into the show. The coincidence now makes sense right?

Well, what happens when the girl turns out to be adopted? Her real father turns out to be a guy running for governor. Of course, Castle, Beckett and the gang solve the crime. The girl was being framed. Very powerful father and daughter are reunited.

As Beckett is talking to the captain, the soon-to-be governor steps in to say goodbye and the captain mentions that Beckett doesn’t have a job because the funding isn’t there. Bam! Just like that, she’s back on the force. Check it out! Now, the gang’s all back together.

Just think, if the girl didn’t know anything about Castle, she would never have been able to get a hold of him so that Beckett could help solve the case for the soon-to-be governor of New York. Isn’t it funny how a plan always comes together?

The Kaley Cuoco Phenomenon

September 26, 2013 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Television

kaley cuoco penny big bang theoryIs it just me, or does Penny, Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory get hotter every season? Nay, every time we see her? After watching the one hour special or the first two episodes of Season 7 on the same night, whichever way you want to say it, I realized that she does.

There is no reason for you to do any investigation of your own. I wholly confirm it myself. But, I wouldn’t blame you if you did investigate it yourself. It’s well worth the hunt and exploration!

Top Ten Reasons why Kaley is the most beautiful woman on earth…

  1. She’s gorgeous
  2. She smiles when people like me would be annoyed at Sheldon for the crap he pulls
  3. She could wake up on the wrong side of the bed, hair a mess, and still be hot
  4. She can pull off any look…sweet girl next door, hot librarian, rocker groupie, must I go on?

Well, those are my ten. What are some of yours?

kaley cuoco penny the big bang theoryWhat’s your favorite scene in The Big Bang Theory?

It was hard for me to come up with my favorite scene. But after thinking about all the scenes I could possibly mention, I liked the Halloween scene where she was dressed up like a cat and she kissed Leonard. Then of course, he talked his way out of kissing her and we all thought he was stupid.

So, that was my favorite scene. But, my favorite scene was when she went out with his “lab partner” until she found out he was married. Later in the episode, she gives Leonard the gift of Motorcycle Lessons and he gives her a Kid’s Science Toy. She laughs after Leonard makes the joke, “You know, because you like science so much…” That was my favorite scene.

Okay, so you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you my favorite scene. It was when she did that scene in the show and she did the thing with the thing, or she said that one thing. Yep, fill in the blanks and that’s the scene I like. You know, that one that she was in…

Did I happen to mention, she pulls off the hot librarian look quite nicely? No? You didn’t catch that? Well, check this out! She pulls off the hot librarian look quite nicely!

How Does Brian Hallisay, Kyle Parks of The Client List, Get Away with Everything

August 4, 2013 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

His eyebrows are so high up above his eyes, everything Brian Hallisay says seems like a confession. He could literally get away with anything! Well so far, on The Client List, he gets away with everything anyway.

He plays Kyle Parks, who leaves his wife without even a note. He abandons his kids. He gets wrapped up into some deep crap, he ends up in jail and he’s trying to convince his wife, Jennifer Love Hewitt, he did it for the family. He did it for his kids.

It’s enough to make you want to shake sense back into him. But, how does he get away with it? I’m telling you, it’s the eyebrows. With those eyebrows that far above your eyes, that high up on your forehead, you can get away with anything.

Can you imagine this conversation between Riley and Kyle…

“I mean, yeah okay. I tried to have you killed! And sure, I sold the kids to Russians. And yeah, I had sex with that stripper…and her brother! But, look at what you’re doing. You’re giving up on us. So, don’t put this on me if you’re trying to leave and break up our marriage. You’re the one. You’re ending our marriage. Not me!”

I could see him getting away with it!

And now, let’s all enjoy a gratuitous look at the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt whom we have all come to love and adore…

The Client List Jennifer Love Hewitt

Alona Tal on Burn Notice

July 17, 2013 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Television

I could be wrong. I have been before. But, I think I see a spark between Sonya, played by Alona Tal, and Michael Westen, played by Jeffrey Donovan in the last season of USA Network’s Burn Notice.

I’m seeing something. And I would see something special in her too if it were me.

Of course, Michael Westen just came off of a long relationship with Fiona. But, we all know how that went. Did he really even love her? All of his decisions were based on what he wanted and she was never good enough to keep him from doing what he wanted to do.

So, she has had enough and she’s done with him. He’s working for the CIA in a deal to keep everyone out of prison and along comes Sonya. He likes the way she works. He likes the way she thinks. And I see a look in his eyes that might mean he’s interested.

Plus, she is more his speed. I mean, yes Fiona was a kick butt, take no names kind of girl. But, she wanted out of it all.

Sonya doesn’t seem to want out of any of it. In fact, what did she last say? Let’s go find these people who gave me up and kick their butt. That’s not what she said. But, I paraphrased for the young and the innocent.

So, do you see the spark too? Or is it just me?

Alona Tal in Burn Notice