Lady Gaga Shines At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

December 2, 2016 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Music

Has it struck anyone as odd that they had the show already in Paris, but it will air on Monday? No? Just me again? Okay.

These guys are the ultimate in professional. From every corner of the industry come the best to pull off these shows. From clothing designers to set artists and show directors to the models themselves, every detail from small to large is personally handled by the best in the industry.

Then comes Lady Gaga. You know you love her. I have loved everything about her from the moment I first laid eyes on her. I loved when she was way out there, doing things only she could do. Her most outlandish fascinated me.

Then, she changed. She stripped her outfits down. She took off the makeup and showed us her naked self. Not naked as in with no clothes on, but as in the real her. Most people would see it as a step in humility, from over the top to the humble her. I see it as going from huge to even more huge. It is the humble that makes you big to me.

Throughout The Years

She can definitely pull off any look. She has gone through quite a few. But when you have a flare with unbridled confidence, that’s how you make it work. There are people who dress up so the clothes will do the work for them. Then, there are true legends who work the clothes because they know they are bigger than any outfit in their closet.

Into The Dive Bar

Now, she’s coming home. She’s going to be touring all the places I consider my own. I’ve been to the clubs and the lounges all over the world. But the dive bar is the place I order a shot of Jack, chase it with a beer, and look for the conversation.

She just had to make a stop along the way first…

Then Came The Angels


The Night Before


@sarasampaio bringing the drama backstage. ๐Ÿ”ฅ#VSFashionShow

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Our Own Angel

A Grand Entrance

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