Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015 Runner Up Is Smoking Hot

January 16, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Sports

Her name is Maddie Sparkle and she’s blowing up. Ironically, she got second place in the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015. But, she’s the internet’s favorite despite what the judges from Australia thought that day when they chose a winner.

Miss Filly won. But, her routine was hard and set to rock. She has a tone body with muscles on top of muscles. When she wrapped her legs around the pole, you thought she was going to break it.

But, along comes Maddie Sparkle. She was sexy and sensual. When she climbed on the pole, it was like she was getting ready to make love to it. Her moves were smooth as she spun around the pole, up and down and then off to the other one to give it a workout.

Those three minutes are the hottest ones you’re going to have today with yourself. Enjoy!

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