The Most Hilarious Outtakes That Have Never Been Seen Before

September 8, 2015 in Celebrities, Comedy, Entertainment, Movies, Television

Making movies and television shows is tough business. You’re in a role and you’re trying to maintain that role, but something makes you laugh or you make a mistake. It’s easy to do.

The hardest thing to do is to keep your composure when all you want to do is laugh. Some comedians can get everyone around them laughing and you have to keep a straight face while you shoot the scene. Once the flood gates of laughter start coming, it’s hard to stop. You just can’t stop yourself, that involuntary reaction to something you find funny.

These are outtakes that have never been seen before. They didn’t even make it into gag reels previously seen because some of them just aren’t safe for normal viewers. There is language and off color jokes that were unsuitable for audiences some years ago. But, we’ve dropped our standards now I guess! They’re fine for us to watch now.

By the way, some aren’t even that old! From Seinfeld to The Office and Parks and Recreation, you’ll definitely laugh.

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