What You Need To Know About ‘Passengers’ With Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt

September 20, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Movies

Chris Pratt’s character Jim and Jennifer Lawrence’s Aurora are travelers aboard a spaceship heading for a space colony. They have been put to sleep for the trip along with the other travelers, but they are woken up early. When they try, they can’t get back to sleep and the two of them are awake and alone on this luxurious spaceship together.

First of all, why can’t something like this happen to all of us? Jennifer Lawrence is definitely the woman in most men’s dreams. Most of us would love to be caught alone on a spaceship with just her. It’s the old cliche, the last two people on earth. That would be an awesome dream come true if that were to ever happen and she was the only woman left on earth.

So, it’s a good story so far. I’m digging the premise.

Then, Chris’s character says something like, “There’s a reason we woke up early.”

What? What is he up to? What does he know? That could either be the creepiest thing the movie has going for it or he’s just more aware of what’s going on then the rest of the travelers. Maybe he’s an agent or something. He knows how to work a robot. That might be a clue right there.

In the real world though, Jennifer Lawrence negotiated a $20 million advance on the film and a 30% share in profits once it breaks even. Chris Pratt walked away with a $12 million deal. Now, I wouldn’t feel too bad about a $12 million deal if it were me. But, Jennifer got paid! That’s what’s up!

What Is Jim’s Secret?

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