Is Butt Chugging Cough Syrup The Grossest Thing On The Internet

December 18, 2015 in Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, kids, News, Review, Society

I do believe I am actually trying to start a debate and, for no reason at all. Just to have something to do. Actually, that’s not true. I really DO want to know what the grossest thing on the internet is.

First of all, it starts with this video “Exploring the internet with Katie Notopoulos.” In it she makes the claim that what she’s showing you is the grossest thing on the internet. I have to admit, it’s pretty gross. You’ll see what I mean when you watch.

But before you do that, can we all just admit that Katie Notopoulos is gorgeous? Of course, she’s intelligent and funny too. But, I like acknowledging beauty when I see it and she has it. Okay, enough of that. Check out a new trend that kids are trying. It’s what Katie notoriously claimed was the grossest thing on the internet.

[fbvideo link=”” onlyvideo=”1″]

By the way, here are the images that were blurred out:

Take a closer look!

You know what, get up in there!

Now that we have established what Katie thinks is the grossest thing on the internet, I’m just going to leave this video right here for you. Let me know if you don’t think this might be more gross! Of course, I’d like to see what you got. So don’t hesitate to SHARE a video or a photo and pass this around to all your friends on FACEBOOK!

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