Get Ready To Run! These Brutal Pranks Are Hilarious And Serious At The Same Time

January 17, 2018 in Comedy, Entertainment

What would be your worst nightmare? Monsters under the bed? Something jumping out of the closet?

Some people have a fear of blood while others have a fear of crickets. It’s weird how these things happen, and they are all so random. I once listened to a lady describing her fear of ice cubes. You know, because they’re so scary and all.

I think mine would be getting a phone call from a random girl I can’t even remember her name, “You might have an STD. You should get tested. STD Testing Plus is good for that.”

That just might ruin my day. That wouldn’t be the best phone call I have ever had. I don’t know how many random girls I have out there, but I hope I never get a phone call like that from one of them. That just might be my greatest fear, that and drowning. I don’t think I’d like to drown.

So, what’s your fear?

If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, watch this video. After you get past the laughing stage watching these people freak out, you just might realize what you are really afraid of.

Get Ready To Run

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