‘Hotel California’ Like You’ve Never Heard It Before! You’ll Want To Listen To This

February 27, 2016 in Commentary, Entertainment, Music, Review

Have you ever imagined if “Hotel California” can be played with one guitar. I’m not talking about just hitting the main riff and going with it. I mean actually sounding like something special, but only one guitar.

If you’ve ever watched Eagles playing live, you watched blazing guitars all over the stage rocking out the classic. Even when they remade the song and had only guitars, there was still about eight of them up there finding a way to hit every note. But, they wrote the song and performed it for years. Of course, they had it down.

Gabriella Quevado is an awesome guitarist who is going to rock the “Hotel California” hit with just one guitar. She uses just five fingers on one hand and five fingers on the other. I know I’ve now said that several different ways. But, I want to make it very clear. She is phenomenal!

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