What Started Out As A Motorcycle Ride Gone Wrong Became Poetry In Motion

December 14, 2017 in Commentary, Entertainment, Events, News, Review

They were riding on a rainy day. The roads were wet. Anyone can tell you that’s not the best time to go for a ride.

But, that’s what they wanted to do. So, they put on their riding gear. Good thing too! It’s the kind of gear that protects you from head to toe.

If you go sliding down the road, half your skin doesn’t get left behind. Ladies in Daisy Dukes and half shirts might look sexy on the back of a bike. But, anyone can lay a bike down. All that sexy goes away when she’s in a hospital bed covered in second degree road rashes.

In fact, that’s just what this couple did that day. He laid the bike down in the middle of the road. It could have turned out tragic. It looked like a very bad wreck at first. The bike is flying and the couple is sliding down the road away from it.

But then, the video shows the slow motion action. It’s actually poetic beauty. True love was on the side of this couple as they faced what could have been the end together. But, it was the fact that they were together that saved both their lives.

Most Romantic Motorcycle Crash Ever

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