What Kind of Saying is I’m Just Saying

December 7, 2009 in Commentary, Society

“I’m Just Saying” is such a widely used term that it now is the name of an online show with its own website.  But, what does it actually mean?

Let’s say you’re a journalist and you just uncovered the story of the century.  You have found some loophole in the system or some glaring hypocrisy among the lawmakers.  So, you gather your facts and you tell your story.  It blows our minds because you are so on target with information that your audience did not know…at all.

Then, you say, “I’m Just Saying.”

Why?  Why are you backing down now?

You’ve just got our attention and you’ve driven your point home.  Then, you ruin your momentum with, “I’m just saying.”  It’s a spineless way of saying, “I just reported on something that has the potential to make some huge waves.  But, I don’t want to be a part of the drama when the $#!? hits the fan.”

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