I Remember…Bars and Tone

October 23, 2010 in computers, Entertainment, kids, Society, Television

It is like a million years have gone by in my lifetime.  I didn’t see any of this coming and I’m not that old. 

The internet gives us all a chance to watch an event at the same time.  We thought the television did that at one time.  But across the world, if they are watching the same thing as I am, which is highly doubtful, there is still a huge time difference.  They will either see something twelve hours ahead of me or twelve hours behind.  Not with the internet.  Not anymore.  An event can be witnessed by everyone in the world at the same time no matter where it is or what time it is happening.

The computer gives us all a chance to work at lightning speed.  Printing a book years ago would take typesetting and remember the Ps and Qs.  A movie for a presentation would take weeks and even months to make.  Powerpoint and moviemaker make it days or even hours now.

But not only technology, there are many ways in which we are light years from where we were just a few short years ago.  It’s like we learned how to jump and now we take quantum leaps.  In some ways, that’s bad.  In some ways, it seems like we have fallen light years behind.  But in other ways, it seems we are light years ahead.

I remember when MTV was only on for a few hours a day.  Now, it’s not even a music channel anymore.  You’d be hard pressed to find a music video on the damn thing…Music Television?

I also remember when television would sign off at night.  That’s right!  Midnight would be bars and tone right after the Star Spangled Banner.  Now, there are channels out the ying yang.  Paid Programming runs all night, which I think is really the most illogical time to run them.  But, I’m glad they mainly run them then instead of the middle of the day when I might want to watch television.

I remember an old movie in which a flying saucer was actually hung by a piece of string and you could see the string.  I also saw a shadow against the backdrop.  Now, it can be completely animated by a computer and look 100% real.

But, there are bigger issues to talk about than just technological advancements.  I remember when police officers sprayed law abiding citizens with powerful water hoses just because the color of their skin.  Peaceful protest turned to violence because of an ugly blemish in our history called racism.

In some ways, we have grown as a nation.  Obama is president.  A people have risen from such an adverse background to having the leader of the free world.  But in other ways, we are just as backward as we were many years ago.  In many ways, we are still just as racist only our eyes are focused  in a new direction.

Muslims and Arabs, as well as others who are not our enemies, are ridiculed and judged.  The childish reactions to a people many of us don’t understand are reminiscent of the cultural segregation we experienced years ago.  A certain pastor from Jacksonville, Florida was planning on burning the Quran and setting the world on fire.  People protesting the Mosque at Ground Zero because it’s disrespectful, but it’s okay that the strip club and the Christian church are there.

Talking about Christianity, we have extreme Christians who are protesting gay marriage with signs that say, “God Hates You.”  The childishness of that extreme depth of homophobia is a pathetic display of the American concept.  It’s definitely another step backward.

When in America, we all seek the same rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, we would take such an innocent privilege away from anyone.  America is not a church.  America is not a dictatorship.  America is the freest country in the world and yet, there are some real pathetic civil activists in this country who like to bind the rights of others while enjoying every right they have.

In a free country, we have to tolerate things we don’t like or understand.  Laws are in place to protect our rights from the extreme actions of others…murder, theft, and things of this nature.  But just because we don’t like something or don’t understand it, doesn’t mean we get to shut it down.  We have too many laws on the books that go against our American nature.  That’s because of those pathetic activists who don’t quite understand the American movement, the American concept.  They live as they wish and condemn others who want to do the same.

I used to believe there was an innocent time in our history.  But, those images are of a time and a place so far removed from what was actually happening in the world.  How can a picture of a boy and girl sharing a milkshake be innocent when the sign on the shop door says, “No coloreds allowed?”

How can we ever say we were an innocent and free country when there were slaves in our history?

How can we say we are enlightened now when two people who love each other can’t get married?

How can we say we have grown and learned as a nation when much of our earlier childishness is being repeated even today?

You can’t drive down the road looking through the rear view mirror.  But, a history forgotten is bound to be repeated.

So, you can look back on those times that seem more innocent.  Remember them as good.  But, don’t forget what else was going on in the world at the same time.

While Bobby and Susie were holding hands in the park, there were kids dying in wars on the other side of the world.  While rocket scientists were trying to do the miraculous and get us to the moon, an entire people was being denied the right to attend college or simply go to school on their own side of town.

While the right to vote was being offered to everyone, people were being beaten and tortured over a small thing called sexual orientation.  While kids were making millions in the most creative fundraisers for whatever cause they deemed important, Iraqi prisoners were being tortured and humiliated like the Jews during the Holocaust, the American Japanese during World War II and many other cases throughout history…Israel, Russia and Egypt just to name a few.

So while a video on Youtube can quickly catch the view of millions of people and make a person famous virtually overnight, while Twitter makes it possible for us to witness everyone else’s every boring detail, while Facebook unites friends and family who may not have seen each other in years, the world still has its downfalls.  The question is are you part of the problem or part of the solution? 

Are you thinking forward?

Are you trying to be understanding?

The Struggle Against Intolerance


Do you defend someone when they are being treated improperly?

Do you stop to help someone when they are in need?

When no one’s around, are you someone else?  Do you do things you would not be proud of had anyone seen you do it?


Remember, cameras are all over the place. 24/7.  Everywhere you go. 

What Would You Do

To Catch a Predator



Digital Cameras.  Surveillance Cameras.  Police Car Dashboards.  Every Kid with a Cell Phone.  The internet never signs off…



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