The MP3 Player That Actually Works on Websites

May 16, 2010 in Entertainment, kids

flashmp3 I went through several MP3 Players today just to put my daughter’s favorite music on her website.  I went through a ridiculous number of scripts and codes that just wouldn’t work for one reason or another.

Placing code in the header isn’t hard.  It’s a simple copy and paste right above the </head> code.  Change all paths to your own paths.  Not hard.

Placing additional code in the body where you want the player isn’t hard either.  It’s a little more difficult because you have to make sure that you indicate the right path to your daughter’s favorite music.

But, I was literally stumped by several players that I downloaded today.  I followed their installation instructions and I got nothing.  That is until I found the one that does work and I wanted to share it because, ironically, it  was the easiest.

FREE Flash MP3 Player is the easiest.  In the others, I was providing url links to music that I had uploaded onto my daughter’s site.  This one actually allows you to create a folder, point the player there and it finds the music for you.  Easy.  One code in the header, change the path of the object.js, which you downloaded with the player and uploaded onto the server so you should know where that is.  Then, paste code into the body where you want the player and change the path of the folder where you put the music.  Publish the page and you are finished.  It comes with instructions and your daughter will love it.

By the way if you haven’t already had this thought, creating a website for your daughter (or son) is a great gift for birthdays or other gift-giving holidays you might have throughout the year.  Let me show you how easy it is:


Godaddy – Get your domain and hosting for less than $10.  With a monthly subscription hosting package of $6.99, you can purchase a domain for a year for $1.99.  Of course, you can save money with an economy hosting package for a yearly subscription.  It comes to less than $70 and that’s hosting you don’t have to worry about for a year.  So whatever your budget is, there is hosting that is right for you.

Filezilla – Get a FREE file transfer protocol program.  This is what is going to make publishing your child’s website a snap.  Your files on your computer are on the left side.  Open up your site on the right and upload the files.  Your site is up in seconds.

Free Website Templates – That’s right!  Free Website Templates.  That means that you can go through a series of templates for your child’s website and download one that suits you.  Put it on your computer in a special file marked with your child’s name and then start working with it.

Seamonkey – Get a FREE web page building program.  Once you’ve downloaded the template, you’ll want to start working with the pages to make your child’s own.  The easiest program to do this with is Seamonkey where you can pull up the file and see what the page looks like.  Change images.  Change links.  Change words and Go.

GIMP – Get a FREE image manipulation program.  In other words, it’s a robust program that helps you work with your images.  Get pictures of your child so that you can paste them all over the new website.  Even if you are one of those parents who are against posting your child’s pictures on the internet, get GIMP anyway so that you can work on graphics and other things the site might need.

Here are some hints for you:

1) When you pull up the index.html page in Seamonkey, it’s going to look weird.  You’ll have to switch to html mode and put the absolute URL for the style.css so that it looks like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""
type="text/css" charset="utf-8">

2) Then, open up the style.css in your notepad and make all the URLs absolute.  That includes everything that looks like this:


Change to:


3) Take the index.html file and make all the changes you need.  Change the wording and the links.  Change images.  Change background photos.  Then once you’ve made all the changes you are going to need, make a newpage.html file and use it for all the other pages you might need across your site.

4) To change photos, simply make your own the same size as the ones used on the template.  Name them the same and then upload them in the same folder where the others are stored.  Overwrite them and your new images are on the site already.

5) If you need other ideas, visit where you can get more free stuff or request assistance.

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