Is There Such A Thing As Having ‘Too Much Beautiful?’

April 11, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Shows, Television

Catching The Catch on ABC, I’ve had to shake my head more than once when I’ve looked at Mireille Enos. In the first episode, she glanced a smile at fiance and professional con artist Benjamin Jones, played by Parenthood star Peter Krause. There was too much beauty on her face at one time. How can someone have that much beauty on one face?

It’s an interesting love affair I have for her. When she doesn’t have any makeup on, I can see the real beauty that lies beneath. But when her face has color and her lashes tease, she does this magical thing that just kicks you in the gut. And when you can’t breathe from a kick in the gut, everything’s beautiful.

how ben conned aliceShe has this sizzling look across her face. Sometimes when she’s smiling, you can’t tell if anger lies beneath the brightness of her face. Her eyes don’t give it away. Your knees just wobble and your heart beats twice as fast like it’s just going to jump out of your chest.

But when she’s mad, you know it. That’s one awesome trick she pulls off nicely. When her face goes solid and her eyes stare at you with the coldness of a woman scorned, hide! Find a place stronger than stone. She’ll cut you down with a look and you’ll never recover. Your heart will be broken if you’re ever on the receiving end of her disdain.

If you haven’t caught up yet, The Catch has an interesting twist. She’s a professional investigator who is the best at getting the con. But this time, the con got her. Played her beautifully from the first moment they met when he got her to come to him. As they explain in the show, that’s how a con gets you. They make you do all the giving, so they never have to ask.

What an interesting concept? She came to him to chase down his business. But, he turned her down as a client to keep the door open. He didn’t initiate a sex life with her. He sat back and relaxed while she climbed on top of him. Wow! This guy is good!

Then, they go into how he didn’t even ask her to marry him. When she flashes back through that conversation, she realizes that she actually asked him to marry her. Whoa! The professional investigator dropped her guard and fell for the best con ever. No wonder she gave him over a million dollars and of course, that’s about the time he split.

But, that’s just the beginning of the story…


Too Much Coincidence at the Castle

October 16, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

The one thing about Castle is that I let the show get away with it. As a fan, I let a lot of things slide. But, don’t think I don’t pick up on the fact that the story was a little too coincidental.

First though, before I get into those details, I want to say that when Beckett was in the FBI, I was wondering how that was going to work. It didn’t seem to have anywhere to go. How would they have kept Esposito and Ryan in episode after episode? The coincidences were starting to pile up just to do that.

At first, Castle is calling to get Esposito and Ryan to check on something for him. Okay, I get that. That’s not a coincidence. If you need something run through police databases, you go with who you know. Then, episode one spills into episode two.

But, episode three brings Beckett and her new FBI partner to New York for a case. They walk into the precinct and there are Esposito and Ryan with the new guy, Sully. Beckett and her partner are taking over a murder case and they’re going to need all the information the NYPD has, but they aren’t offering much cooperation in return.

I’m not in the moment if I’m thinking about too many coincidences. So no, it couldn’t have gone on forever. Beckett in D.C. Esposito and Ryan in New York. Castle was just about ready to tell Beckett he was coming to D.C., but a knock on the door is the answer to all of our questions. Beckett gets fired from the FBI because she leaked a detail to save a person’s life.

Episode Four is where we pick up and Beckett is out of work. This is where the coincidences begin again. Castle gets a call that a lady is holding people hostage in a Dentist’s Office and she wants to speak to him. When we learn that she knows about Castle’s ability to solve crimes, we drop our edge and get back into the show. The coincidence now makes sense right?

Well, what happens when the girl turns out to be adopted? Her real father turns out to be a guy running for governor. Of course, Castle, Beckett and the gang solve the crime. The girl was being framed. Very powerful father and daughter are reunited.

As Beckett is talking to the captain, the soon-to-be governor steps in to say goodbye and the captain mentions that Beckett doesn’t have a job because the funding isn’t there. Bam! Just like that, she’s back on the force. Check it out! Now, the gang’s all back together.

Just think, if the girl didn’t know anything about Castle, she would never have been able to get a hold of him so that Beckett could help solve the case for the soon-to-be governor of New York. Isn’t it funny how a plan always comes together?

The New Castle

September 25, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment

I don’t know what they’re trying to do with one of my favorite shows. Castle finally gets its act together and then splits everyone up over night.

When Castle got on one knee and proposed, it was the moment we were waiting to see. And then what? They take everything else away.

  • Beckett takes the Fed job and goes to D.C.
  • Castle and Beckett don’t work together anymore, although he tries.
  • Esposito and Ryan get about three scenes in the new episode.
  • And then, to top it all off, Castle has a day to live because he has a chemical in his system that he was subject to during an abduction.

So, we know Castle isn’t going to die. I mean, that’s obvious! The show is called Castle. He’s kind of the main guy…

But, what does all this mean for the show. Castle can’t keep helping Beckett unless the Feds realize that he is actually pretty good at it. Esposito and Ryan can’t be in every episode. You know, them being in New York and all. How are they going to find a way to keep them in the show?

So, tell me! Tell me now! Oh, that’s what all those other Season 6 episodes are about? Fine. I’ll wait!

Ultimate Twists On ABC Revenge Season Finale

May 12, 2013 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

At first impression, the season finale of Revenge seemed like it would be more of the same. But, my thoughts changed during the second half. In fact, that has been the pattern since the first episode.

First impressions:

  • The oldest trick in the book, Regina lies to Charlotte and plants evidence on Declan.
  • Victoria tells Declan to leave Charlotte alone.
  • Nolan is hacking stuff.
  • Jack is running around mad at the world.

What’s new right?

Then, Global blows up! All of a sudden, we’re thinking Jack is in the building. We’re watching Conrad grandstand. In fact, we’re thinking a lot of things.

What I’m thinking about now:

  • Conrad lets it slip to his son that he knew about the bombing before it happened. But, he brags that there were no casualties.
  • Aiden Mathis is arrested.
  • There is no initiative. This is one interesting revelation.
  • A long time ago, Conrad bought into a very influential group of people who feed on fear for profit.
  • Declan dying is an awful twist. Now, there is a casualty.
  • When Nolan is arrested for acts of terror, you have to wonder what is going on now?
  • Then, Aiden Mathis is suddenly a free man.

And then, the one thing we knew was going to happen is that Emily finally comes clean to Jack that she is Amanda Clarke. Ok, that’s the cliff hanger I want. I want to see how this mess is going to be cleaned up next season and what mess is going to be made in its place.

It’s like Burn Notice, and right on time too. Burn Notice had a way of stepping up its game each season. It wasn’t just about a guy running around Miami helping people with their problems. He was always trying to find out who burned him and he kept getting closer and closer until he finally figured it out at the expense of everyone around him and everyone involved. But, it seems as if the show has gone as far as it can go.

Just as Burn Notice’s last season is about to begin, that gives me something to watch while I’m waiting on the next season of Revenge. Oh by the way, spoiler alert! I’ll be writing about Burn Notice soon!

How Secrets Are Revealed

May 6, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Television

Prime time television has its way of building drama, breaking it down and keeping it going. It can get very tiring watching all the twists and turns sometimes. But, it gets quite obvious too!

I mean if you’re going to have secrets, maybe you should do certain things like:

1 – Don’t stand at an open door and talk about things you don’t want people to know!

2 – Don’t have secret conversations over the phone!

3 – Don’t accept gifts from people you don’t trust and then proudly display them in your private office!

4 – Question why a phone guy just showed up when you didn’t give them a call!

5 – Number 4 applies to anyone who wears a uniform for pest control, electric, cable, plumbing and cleaning the pool!

6 – Lock your doors! Even when you’re home! This pointer particularly applies to Revenge… It’s astounding to me how people just walk in and out of other people’s houses.

7 – Don’t meet in a public place…when meeting is a bad thing!

8 – Don’t make out in a public place…when making out is a bad thing!

9 – Don’t have sex at the White House…when having sex at the White House is a bad thing!

10 – Don’t talk about sensitive matters…in the middle of a party…when there are tons of people around you!

I hope this clears up how you can keep a secret! Don’t worry if you mess up every once in awhile. It is an art form that even the best secret keepers haven’t quite mastered. I don’t think I need to mention any names!

Revenge Major Story Shift

November 3, 2012 in Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

Does anyone else feel as if the story on ABC’s Revenge has shifted in a major way? Ironically, I’m not talking about how it has dragged on for two seasons even though Emily has had several chances to destroy the Grayson family. I’m not even talking about the introduction of her mother.

The story I’m talking about is so far removed from either of those revelations and it has my full attention. I look back on Season One and I see so many chances for Emily to have destroyed the Grayson’s that now every move seems frivolous. All a bunch of something for nothing.

Daniel could be in prison for the rest of his life. Conrad could have easily been put in prison in exchange for David’s clear name. All the missed opportunities and I start to realize this isn’t a movie or a series. It’s clearly a show that is looking to hang on to life as long as it possibly can.

So, this season starts and we learn Victoria is alive. Not only that, but now Kara has come back from the dead as well. Ok great! All of these people are actually alive and our lives are going to be so full of drama again. Yay!

Seriously, I’m losing interest in that part of the story. I’m not even concerned about the fact that Mason is back in the picture snooping around. I don’t think I’ll ever see revenge and I don’t care anymore. I’ll get back into that part of the story when I see the sickening smiles wiped off of Victoria and Conrad’s faces.

The story I’m interested in is the deal going down between Kenny Ryan and Jack about the Stoway. Did Declan screw up? Yes. But, we know it was a scam so that Kenny could get his hands on the bar. That’s not the deal I’m really talking about. I can understand greed and underhanded business deals.

What I am talking about is what will it mean for the show! Will Jack and Declan find out they are getting scammed before the deal is done? What is it all about?

That’s the real story! And until Revenge gets back on track, I don’t care about all the meaningless meandering everyone else is doing!

Ashley Judd’s Son Abducted…Oh, In The Show

March 17, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Review, Television

Let’s try some word association exercises.  I say a word and I try to come up with something associated with it. 

Ashley Judd…

High Crimes, Double Jeopardy, Kiss the Girls

Those are the kinds of movies we love when she’s in them.  So, what could a person really do if they cared that much about us?  What could they give us if they really wanted to give us something special?

Missing, the new drama series starring Ashley Judd. Imagine a soccer mom who has been raising her child by herself for the last ten years turns highly trained vigilante when her son is abducted. Have they actually thought to give us that kind of action with our favorite actress…every week?

It’s not my birthday and Christmas is already over.  So, what’s the occasion? You must really like us.  You really, really like us!

With great action and realistic plot structures, not that ex-CIA operative type shows can ever seem at all realistic, I can actually get into the show. I don’t feel myself drawn to pick out the ridiculous or the outlandish flaw that unravels the entire story. I’m in the action and wondering what’s going to happen next.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Ashley Judd pulls another trick out of her sleeve. The deeply interwoven issues of the story aren’t solved in an hour. Imagine that! A show that actually acknowledges the human tragedy that unravels itself for us mere mortals can’t be solved within the structure of three commercial breaks, just before the show that’s due to come on next.

Find out why Ashley hasn’t solved her problems in the pilot of Missing and get on board with the rest of us! It’s what you’ve been waiting for all your life!

Watch it now! Click the link, skip around the sales pitch and catch the pilot episode right now for free…Missing starring Ashley Judd.

Revenge Update: I Guess the Bodyguard Is Dead

November 21, 2011 in Entertainment, Review, Television

Revenge ABC Emily VanCampAt first thought, I didn’t allow myself to slip into the mind frame they had set for us all. The investigative television shows have taught me a great deal about that. Never believe anything of what you hear and only half of what you see.

But when Conrad is asked to identify the body of Frank Stevens, it’s a pretty clear indication that he is actually dead. This is a gift to Emily, which should make her happy since Frank had figured out who Emily really is. But, it brings problems with it. Amanda is now in the picture and she has no idea what she is getting herself into.

But, the first issue that confuses me is why does Declan think Emily was misleading his older brother Jack? Does it make any sense? She didn’t do anything to make him think she liked him. He hit on her. He offered to fix her porch swing. Then, he caught up to her at one of the parties and she had to literally tell him she was with Dan.

I don’t know if she is really into Dan or if he is just another pawn in her scheme. She seemed so honest when she tells him she loves him. But, she confided that he was just part of the plan. I wonder if she is catching real feelings.

The evidence is starting to stack up that Emily can be very diabolical, even when it comes to matters of the heart. We see a glimpse into her life in the Juvenile Facility. When the Warden gives her a lesson about building trust and turning the enemy into an asset, we see that Emily might only be on one mission. There is nothing that can distract her. But, what is Amanda going to do?

It’s like she’s playing some kind of crazy game, like Cheeky Bingo only this is dangerous. Responsible for Frank’s death, she decides to stick around in the Hamptons while police are investigating his murder. Emily gave her a ticket to France to live in her condo until she figures out what to do with her next. I would have been gone! I would have been sitting nice in another country while the police lose all their leads.

This show is really amazing!  But, I’m not sure why Emily has slowed down. When the show started, Emily was knocking people down left and right. The therapist who took orders from Victoria and kept Emily away from her father under false pretenses, she was the last to go that Emily had anything to do with. Before that Emily set her sights on Bill Harmon, the hedge funds manager who testified against her father.  Then, it was the district attorney’s chance. But, what’s next? Who is next?  I’m patiently waiting for the next strike.

Finally Figured Out The Punk Tyler, Revenge’s Orphan

November 3, 2011 in Entertainment, Review, Television

Drama in the Hamptons? What? Tell me it isn’t so!

It seems a good bit of shows are coming out about the Hamptons. We really must vacation there one summer to see what all the fuss is about!

The latest show to hit the Hamptons is Revenge. I love that show. Emily, well Amanda is a very beautiful lady. Her stare is so charming, it can make you melt. But, I love her passion for getting back at those who took everything from her.

In fact, I can figure out most people in the show. The fake couple who are too rich for their own good. Rebellious kids who have nothing else to do but sit and watch their trust funds grow. Leaches who try to get in the circle rather than watch it from the outside.

But, I couldn’t figure out Tyler. He was one punk getting on my nerves. At first, I thought I had him pegged. I thought he was a leach who was going to straddle up to the Graysons and get in so that he could secure his future with a Fortune 500 company. Easy enough!

But, he kept messing with things. That’s what threw me. Normally, a leach wants to keep things running smooth. No friction means security. But, Tyler keeps touching things and putting his filthy fingerprints on everything he sees.

He was the one who got Daniel to start drinking again. So, I dismissed that as an attempt to push Daniel to the side and snuggle up next to Pappa Grayson. But, his constant lies and perpetual finagling only seemed to be putting him at odds with Daniel. So, what’s the deal?

His latest antics include administering Daniel a drug that makes him pass out, and then Tyler bangs his head against a post to get a cut. He blames it on Daniel, but he doesn’t do anything with it. I mean, if there’s a long term goal in mind I can understand. But, I really couldn’t figure out this kids deal!

That is until now. We finally learn he’s a hustler. He has some kind of hustle in play. So, I’ll take one wild guess and say that all of his activities are to make Daniel look like he can’t handle any responsibilities with his father’s company. Tyler swoops in and saves the day.

Only one problem! Daniel is already out of the picture. Cut off from his money, he’s bartending. He and Emily get along great. No problems there!

Tyler! I think the road is clear. Green light! All systems go! So, why are you still hustling it?

And why would you jump into bed with a man you know is trying to get leverage on you? It’s a moment in the show that doesn’t make sense to me at this point, might just weaken the entire plot structure. But, the sexual episode Tyler had with Nolan, Emily’s confidant, was either A) bad judgment or B) a device to add drama but will only serve to weaken the plot.

Nolan, now more than ever, has leverage on Tyler. He handed it to him on a silver platter. It is possible Tyler did not know who he was dealing with when he offered to make a deal. So, I might have to give that trip up some graces. We’ll see in the coming episodes if it means anything! But if it doesn’t, then you’ll know I was right. It was only a device to add drama, nothing more. And that weakens the plot.

In life, things don’t have to always make sense. But in a show, they definitely have to make sense. Maybe not right away, but eventually the meaning has to come across or it’s just plain bad writing!