Is There Such A Thing As Having ‘Too Much Beautiful?’

April 11, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Shows, Television

Catching The Catch on ABC, I’ve had to shake my head more than once when I’ve looked at Mireille Enos. In the first episode, she glanced a smile at fiance […]

Too Much Coincidence at the Castle

October 16, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

The one thing about Castle is that I let the show get away with it. As a fan, I let a lot of things slide. But, don’t think I don’t […]

The New Castle

September 25, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment

I don’t know what they’re trying to do with one of my favorite shows. Castle finally gets its act together and then splits everyone up over night. When Castle got […]

Ultimate Twists On ABC Revenge Season Finale

May 12, 2013 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

At first impression, the season finale of Revenge seemed like it would be more of the same. But, my thoughts changed during the second half. In fact, that has been […]

How Secrets Are Revealed

May 6, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Television

Prime time television has its way of building drama, breaking it down and keeping it going. It can get very tiring watching all the twists and turns sometimes. But, it […]

Revenge Major Story Shift

November 3, 2012 in Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

Does anyone else feel as if the story on ABC’s Revenge has shifted in a major way? Ironically, I’m not talking about how it has dragged on for two seasons […]

Ashley Judd’s Son Abducted…Oh, In The Show

March 17, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Review, Television

Let’s try some word association exercises.  I say a word and I try to come up with something associated with it.  Ashley Judd… High Crimes, Double Jeopardy, Kiss the Girls […]

Revenge Update: I Guess the Bodyguard Is Dead

November 21, 2011 in Entertainment, Review, Television

At first thought, I didn’t allow myself to slip into the mind frame they had set for us all. The investigative television shows have taught me a great deal about […]

Finally Figured Out The Punk Tyler, Revenge’s Orphan

November 3, 2011 in Entertainment, Review, Television

Drama in the Hamptons? What? Tell me it isn’t so! It seems a good bit of shows are coming out about the Hamptons. We really must vacation there one summer […]