The Finality of Missing

May 19, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Review

It took ten episodes for Becca to find her son and have her revenge on suspect zero. I was going to ask the question before watching that episode. What happens when she finds her son? Where does the show go from there?

Well, I believe it has been canceled. But, it left off with a new mystery. From what we have learned from the show, never believe anything you see.

So, her car rolls down the street and runs into a parked car. There is a bullet hole in the windshield, blood on the seat. But, she’s not in the car. So, I think this is a false direct. She’s not dead. But, everyone will think she is.

I originally thought the show was going to be about a retired CIA agent coming out of retirement to find people who have turned up missing. I didn’t think it would be ten episodes about her finding her son.
The thing is that now that I have a renewed interest in finding out what’s going on with Becca, I won’t be able to find out at all. I’m really getting to the point where it doesn’t do me any good to get into a show because they’ll yank it at what seems to be the most interesting point.

So, let’s get back to that point as if it even matters. Where was the gun shot? No one heard it and she wasn’t parked that far away. Again, where is she? If she’s dead, she would have been in the car. Someone could have carried her away, but why would they do that? Do they need a dead body for a reason?

So, there are unanswered questions and there is no way to get the answer. That is unless some miracle takes place and executives at the network read this article. If they can feel my pain, my sense of loss, they will continue the show for me and many others just like me.

I am now wondering through the desert with no direction, no idea where I am. Will the network gods save me? We will have to see.

Speaking of missing, it appears actor Nick Stahl came up missing for a few days. It appears, his mother is not a CIA agent. So, that could have turned out bad. Don’t worry though! He resurfaced when he contacted some friends via email. It’s this whole new technology the CIA uses to send messages instantly to one another.

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