How Secrets Are Revealed

May 6, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Television

Prime time television has its way of building drama, breaking it down and keeping it going. It can get very tiring watching all the twists and turns sometimes. But, it gets quite obvious too!

I mean if you’re going to have secrets, maybe you should do certain things like:

1 – Don’t stand at an open door and talk about things you don’t want people to know!

2 – Don’t have secret conversations over the phone!

3 – Don’t accept gifts from people you don’t trust and then proudly display them in your private office!

4 – Question why a phone guy just showed up when you didn’t give them a call!

5 – Number 4 applies to anyone who wears a uniform for pest control, electric, cable, plumbing and cleaning the pool!

6 – Lock your doors! Even when you’re home! This pointer particularly applies to Revenge… It’s astounding to me how people just walk in and out of other people’s houses.

7 – Don’t meet in a public place…when meeting is a bad thing!

8 – Don’t make out in a public place…when making out is a bad thing!

9 – Don’t have sex at the White House…when having sex at the White House is a bad thing!

10 – Don’t talk about sensitive matters…in the middle of a party…when there are tons of people around you!

I hope this clears up how you can keep a secret! Don’t worry if you mess up every once in awhile. It is an art form that even the best secret keepers haven’t quite mastered. I don’t think I need to mention any names!