This Year’s Halloween Fail Compilation: Thanks For The Memories

November 1, 2017 in Commentary, Entertainment, kids, Review, Society

So many people try hard on Halloween. They go all out in when it comes to decorating their house, throwing the best parties, and wearing the most awesome costume. Then, there are these guys.

They tried. You have to give them that. But, they missed the mark…just a little bit. Some people just don’t have it in them. There is a line between idea and reality. Some people can take an idea and put it into reality. Some people think they can, but miss terribly.

Either they aren’t very creative and that happens, or they just don’t have the skill. That happens too! Not everyone has a creative imagination that comes with stepping up and doing Halloween in style.

Some people just didn’t have that follow-through. They had a good idea. But, implementing it wasn’t their strong suit. It takes creativity and artistic ability to pull some things off and not everyone has those things.

That’s why so many people just go to the store. They have everything there. They already have the costumes and the masks. They already have the decorations. Just do that if you find yourself on this list or in the video at the end.

Everyone loves that you gave it your best try. But, hang it up kid. You don’t have to be the best at everything. Just stay in your own lane.

That’s Close Enough

halloween fails

I Think Mom Might Have Been Trying To Make A Statement

halloween fails

Nailed It

halloween fails

Not A Fail: This Is Actually Awesome

halloween fails

Not A Fail: She Wins Halloween

halloween fails

They Went All Out

halloween fails

Winner Of Worst Idea Goes To…

halloween fails

And Child Services Makes A Visit The Next Day

halloween fails

At Least He’s Honest

halloween fails

The Ultimate Halloween Fail Compilation

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Get Ready To Run! These Brutal Pranks Are Hilarious And Serious At The Same Time

July 17, 2016 in Comedy, Entertainment

What would be your worst nightmare? Monsters under the bed? Something jumping out of the closet?

Some people have a fear of blood while others have a fear of crickets. It’s weird how these things happen, and they are all so random. I once listened to a lady describing her fear of ice cubes. You know, because they’re so scary and all.

I think mine would be getting a phone call from a random girl I can’t even remember her name, “You might have an STD. You should get tested. STD Testing Plus is good for that.”

That just might ruin my day. That wouldn’t be the best phone call I have ever had. I don’t know how many random girls I have out there, but I hope I never get a phone call like that from one of them. That just might be my greatest fear, that and drowning. I don’t think I’d like to drown.

So, what’s your fear?

If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, watch this video. After you get past the laughing stage watching these people freak out, you just might realize what you are really afraid of.

Get Ready To Run

The Lonely Daughter: A Halloween Story

October 27, 2009 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Events

mikaylaandme2007-1 I wanted to share a nice little Halloween story with you. My daughter plays a roll. I begged and begged. Finally she gave in to be the star of her own Halloween story.

I narrate. And let’s just say that it is a…uh…electrifying story! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha…Have a Happy Halloween!

And be safe…Don’t let Danger strike! He lurks everywhere…

Listen to it here:
The Lonely Daughter: How Her Day Turned Out


If you want to read some of it before you check it out, here it is:

It had started out as a beautiful day. Gene and his four year old daughter had walked the beach earlier that day in the cool breeze of the morning sun. Then, they enjoyed breakfast at the Capeview Café before going shopping for her Halloween outfit and candy to hand out to all the kids who would be trick or treating to their house in only a few short days.


It was sad that Gene had lost his wife a few years earlier and was raising his daughter by himself. But, he managed to do a great job. They woke up most mornings and made themselves pancakes. She would stir the batter and he would do the flipping. He homeschooled her since he made his living making furniture and chose to work his own hours while she was fast asleep, so he was all she knew.


He had plans of letting her get to know some other kids in a few years, but for now he was content with keeping her all to himself. After they returned home from their Halloween shopping, she went to her room to play with her new Halloween costume and he went into the kitchen to make lunch for the both of them. She came down the steps with her costume on when it was time to eat lunch and Gene caught a glimpse of how much his daughter had turned out to look just like her late mother. What an angel she made. It was as if her mother was still alive…