Couldn’t Stand The Office Finale

May 16, 2013 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Review, Television

I knew from the first episode I watched that The Office was going to be a great show. It didn’t fail, not once. Now, it’s gone!

Oh, there were frustrations along the way. I mean, how long was it going to take for Jim and Pam to get together? Pam said it best that she worked five feet away from him and it took her five years to get to him.

Mike leaving was another frustration! In fact, I think I might have said once or twice that was the end of The Office. I just might have said it in another article. If you challenge me on it, I will go back and find that article for you.

But, what I’m feeling right now is not frustration. I’m feeling a sense of loss. Those writers were on point in that Finale. They made that world come to life and everyone had a great word to say at the end that really stung. As they were talking, I was saying bye.

And I knew that it was going to be forever. Of course, I can watch the reruns. But, I think it’s going to feel like going to a restaurant that you and your ex used to frequent or visiting a playground where you and a friend who passed away used to play. It’s hard! It’s not easy. You put yourself through it to conjure up feelings you once had.

But, it’s not real! It’s not the same. It’s no longer there.

Graduating high school. Graduating college. Getting out of the Marine Corps. Watching a friend get married. Saying good bye to an old friend lying on their death bed. It all feels the same and yet, it’s all different.

Life has to move on! There are stages we all must go through and eventually, one stage ends while another begins. Some change is good. Some change is loss.

Seriously, The Office became that much a part of my life. Now, it’s gone. But, I wasn’t invited to the party. All I can do is wrap this up and then, find something else to do tomorrow. Just like everyone else!