In The Single Lane Again, Kaley Cuoco Comes Around About The Sad Things About Her Life

June 19, 2016 in Celebrities, Commentary, Review

My girlfriend is single once again and she’s carrying herself like a boss. The tattoo of her wedding date is gone and her name is back to normal. Kaley Cuoco’s split from Ryan Sweeting came abruptly and the divorce was very swift. After only being married for three years, Kaley was a free and single spirit once again.

But, she had to come clean about a few things she’s says are sad about her life. Of course, everyone has their own reflections after a breakup. Was it you? Was it them? Did he change? Did she change?

Plenty to think about and it’s not a bad thing to think. Not everything should be about going from one thing to another without wondering how you got where you are. But, some reflections can lead people to the wrong conclusions about themselves.

Kaley definitely won’t let that happen. She’ll put it all together and move on to bigger and better things. So, let’s see what’s in this list of things that make her sad.

Her Up And Curly Hot Look

hair up in a curly sexy
It appears Ryan was a bad dietary influence. He ate way too much food and it looks like she started to adopt some of his bad eating habits.

In A Hot Red Dress

hot red dress
She might feel bad about it. But by the looks of her, it didn’t affect her at all. She might tell us stories of going to the gym a few extra times to take the extra weight off. But she looks as good as she ever did, if not better.

Getting Ready In The Mirror

in the mirror
Of course, another thing that made her sad is the tattoo that she got to commemorate the wedding. It was the Roman numerals for their wedding date. But as I mentioned earlier, that baby is gone.

One Of My Favorites Of Her

on bed
She put a moth over it. It was a good choices because it was big enough and perfect to cover up the numbers. Over time, she just might find some meaning like what it’s like to go into a cocoon and come out completely reborn as someone different.

Oh Look…Another One Of My Favorites

on her back
In a deeper issue, she admitted to being addicted to Afrin. When rumors were flying about her getting a nose job, she addressed them making a very adamant statement that it wasn’t for cosmetic purposes. She went under the knife because of her addiction.

On The Red Carpet In Black

on the red carpet in black dress
She had to have sinus surgery. Her addiction was so bad that she was choosing her purses accordingly to smuggle Afrin into things like award shows. She would literally be under the table snorting it up.

To which I say, her nose is perfect and we all have our vices. Carry on!

Making Starbucks Look Good

with starbucks
Digging deeper, she admitted to getting a boob job. But, it was back when she was 18 and it wasn’t for the typical reason other women do it. She didn’t do it to increase her bra size tremendously. She simply had an ill feeling about her proportion. Her implants balanced her out and it gave her more confidence in her body.

And My Absolute Favorite

super hot black bikini
Finally, she admits to being self-absorbed. She says she’s obsessed about the negative comments fans make about her online. She let’s it affect her.

But, I submit that celebrities naturally are self-absorbed and somewhat have to be. The media demands that they be perfect at all times and points out flaws fans wouldn’t even notice. It’s a tough industry and keeping the fans, and the jobs, and the attention means staying on top of your game.

Kaley is doing it with grace. She is far from fading away into insignificance. I can actually imagine her having a crazy career that lasts long into her years because she’s one of those who will find a way to stay relevant while others her age will be falling off the map.

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