Real World Still Running?

July 2, 2010 in Commentary, Entertainment, Music, Television

realworld Talk about riding it until the wheels fall off!  Real World is still running?  When is that dead horse going to get some peace?

I remember the first episode of Real World airing in 1992.  I was an MTV fan in those days because they still played Music.  Imagine a day when they played music on television at Music Television.  Yeah, it was an exciting time.

Real World was one of the first reality shows.  A handful of strangers thrown into one house and forced to live together.  The experiment was actually to take people from all walks of life and see if they could find a way to get past their differences. This experiment has been lost on the newer generations who look at Real World as a vacation where dramas are created for the camera, everyone has dreams of being a superstar and not one person has a pimple or a hair out of place.

Can you say, NOT Real World?  Not even close.

Of course, how can we miss the eye-watering reunions that take place five minutes after the show wraps?  Oh yeah, remember that one moment that happened just two days ago?  It seems like just yesterday.  Wow, how these people have grown since their tough times in … Cancun?  Sydney?  Hollywood???

In 1992, I watched the first episode and I remember thinking that one season would be good enough of an experiment.  Any more than that and the show will play itself out…and that was almost 20 years ago.