Why ‘The Wall’ Is The Next Greatest Game Show

February 3, 2017 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

The Wall has been on now for quite a few episodes and I have to be honest, I didn’t catch it at first. But, I finally got around to checking it out and watched all the episodes available in one flail swoop. It’s because it was that captivating.

It’s designed to make winners out of every contestant. Trust me when I say, hitting a million is not that hard to do. I’ve seen it in just about every episode so far. That’s right! Just about everyone has hit a million at least one time in the show.

They have many chances and even if they don’t hit the million, there is a lot of big money up there. Everyone can get over a million even if they don’t even hit the million. This is a game designed to send people home with life changing money.

But, there are some downfalls and I’ve seen them. The Marine couple that was on had a good run. But, it fell apart at the end and I’ll explain how that can happen.

Let’s go through the gist of the show first. It starts with a free fall round where the balls drop and they have to answer the question right before they get to the bottom. They get the amount if they get the answer right. If they don’t get the answer right, the amount gets deducted from what they have. They can’t go below $0. If the amount they get from red balls is more than the amount they have, the show just sets the amount they have at $0 and hopefully, they have more chances left. They have to have at least $1 on the board to advance to the next round. Everyone has so far.

The next round is where the couple splits up and one goes to an isolation booth to answer questions. The other partner stays out on the stage and makes some pretty huge decisions. The partner on the stage has to choose what number to drop the ball from and whether or not to double up or triple up when they are given the chance.

The partner in the isolation booth has one job. They have to answer the questions. When the couple started out after round one, they had an amount of money. For each question the partner in the isolation booth gets, the show adds $20,000 to that amount.

This Is How Good It Gets

hits at 109

She had $109 on the board before this drop. She ended up hitting the $1 million and $400K. I told you it wasn’t that hard. It happens in just about every episode. It can happen several times. But, I haven’t seen that yet.

There is a bad part though. They get free green balls that earn them money. Then, they get questions where they can earn more green balls and earn more money. But then, they get as many red balls as the free green balls they started the round off with. It can’t be avoided. $1,349,000 can be wiped out in one drop. I’ve seen it happen. It happened to the Marine couple I mentioned earlier.

This Is The Bad Part Gone Good

the red balls

She was a lucky “dropper.” But, she had been hitting low money all day when she had green balls. How she got over $300,000 at the end was beyond me. But, that same luck worked to her advantage at the end when the red balls were dropping.

It’s a common thing to watch people walk away with big money. I’ve seen over a million. I’ve seen just under a million. I’ve seen some heartbreaking moments too. Because the ending is the kicker.

They send a contract back to the partner in the isolation booth. If they sign it, they get the amount of money they started with plus the $20,000 for each correct answer. If they don’t sign it, they are relying on how much money the partner on stage made. Sometimes, that’s good. Sometimes, not so much.

And that’s the game. You’ll love it if you give it a chance. I know you’ll get addicted. The life stories themselves are enough to make you want to cheer for them to win. Its almost like Let’s Make A Deal. It’s just more interactive and fun to watch.

Check Out This Great Moment

Couldn’t Stand The Office Finale

May 16, 2013 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Review, Television

I knew from the first episode I watched that The Office was going to be a great show. It didn’t fail, not once. Now, it’s gone!

Oh, there were frustrations along the way. I mean, how long was it going to take for Jim and Pam to get together? Pam said it best that she worked five feet away from him and it took her five years to get to him.

Mike leaving was another frustration! In fact, I think I might have said once or twice that was the end of The Office. I just might have said it in another article. If you challenge me on it, I will go back and find that article for you.

But, what I’m feeling right now is not frustration. I’m feeling a sense of loss. Those writers were on point in that Finale. They made that world come to life and everyone had a great word to say at the end that really stung. As they were talking, I was saying bye.

And I knew that it was going to be forever. Of course, I can watch the reruns. But, I think it’s going to feel like going to a restaurant that you and your ex used to frequent or visiting a playground where you and a friend who passed away used to play. It’s hard! It’s not easy. You put yourself through it to conjure up feelings you once had.

But, it’s not real! It’s not the same. It’s no longer there.

Graduating high school. Graduating college. Getting out of the Marine Corps. Watching a friend get married. Saying good bye to an old friend lying on their death bed. It all feels the same and yet, it’s all different.

Life has to move on! There are stages we all must go through and eventually, one stage ends while another begins. Some change is good. Some change is loss.

Seriously, The Office became that much a part of my life. Now, it’s gone. But, I wasn’t invited to the party. All I can do is wrap this up and then, find something else to do tomorrow. Just like everyone else!

A Little Girl With An Old Soul In Her Voice

June 23, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment, kids, Television

I think I’ve met my choice for American’s Got Talent this year.  If you remember, last year I picked Jackie and she went to the end.  That little girl belted out the Opera and I melted.  I absolutely adored her.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got my pick this year.  Sharon Osbourne said it best when she said that Anna was, “…a little girl with an old soul in her voice.”  I absolutely agree!

If you haven’t seen Anna Graceman sing, you should treat yourself. Oh, don’t bother.  I’ve got it right here.  Check her out and get on board!


Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien Power Shift

January 9, 2010 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

lenoobrien There was a time when Jay Leno called the shots.  But, NBC shifts just might hinge on how Conan O’Brien feels about them.  Jay Leno’s ratings have dropped and they have had an effect on Conan O’Brien’s show.  With many options on his plate, it looks like NBC will have to wait until Conan O’Brien makes up his mind about what he is going to do.

What has been going on is quite a stir.  But, has anything really changed at all?  Jay Leno recently adopted a whole new style and I’m not quite sure why.  But the more I watch George Lopez, the more I get the idea.  That’s the way Hollywood works.

When one success breeds another success, copycats show up all across the networks.  Reality shows speak tremendously to this truth.  One reality show bred another.  Now, there is a reality show on every channel.  You can watch one at just about any time of the day.

So, George Lopez changes the approach to late night television and throws the desk out the window.  He brings the stage closer to the people in a more “get up close and personal” type of touch.  When I saw Jay Leno’s new show, I realized a lot of those same changes.  Of course, Jay Leno also has some of the same gimmicks that have entertained us for years.  So, it’s not an exact rip off and to be honest with you, I’m really not sure which came first…the chicken or the egg.

But the fact of the matter is that while this approach has worked for day time with Oprah and Ellen, George Lopez has been the only one to pull it off for late night.  Jay Leno’s time shift and stage changes have only resulted in a drop in ratings, which is really what television executives think it’s all about.  And if they run the show, Jay Leno needs to find a way to bring his ratings back up to speed.

But for now, that fate seems to actually be in Conan O’Brien’s hands.  That is until he makes his decision.  He has options.  In fact, he could have more lucrative options with other networks.  So, it could really turn into a stirred up mess by the times it’s all settled.  We’ll just have to wait and see.