Ultimate Twists On ABC Revenge Season Finale

May 12, 2013 in Celebrities, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

At first impression, the season finale of Revenge seemed like it would be more of the same. But, my thoughts changed during the second half. In fact, that has been the pattern since the first episode.

First impressions:

  • The oldest trick in the book, Regina lies to Charlotte and plants evidence on Declan.
  • Victoria tells Declan to leave Charlotte alone.
  • Nolan is hacking stuff.
  • Jack is running around mad at the world.

What’s new right?

Then, Global blows up! All of a sudden, we’re thinking Jack is in the building. We’re watching Conrad grandstand. In fact, we’re thinking a lot of things.

What I’m thinking about now:

  • Conrad lets it slip to his son that he knew about the bombing before it happened. But, he brags that there were no casualties.
  • Aiden Mathis is arrested.
  • There is no initiative. This is one interesting revelation.
  • A long time ago, Conrad bought into a very influential group of people who feed on fear for profit.
  • Declan dying is an awful twist. Now, there is a casualty.
  • When Nolan is arrested for acts of terror, you have to wonder what is going on now?
  • Then, Aiden Mathis is suddenly a free man.

And then, the one thing we knew was going to happen is that Emily finally comes clean to Jack that she is Amanda Clarke. Ok, that’s the cliff hanger I want. I want to see how this mess is going to be cleaned up next season and what mess is going to be made in its place.

It’s like Burn Notice, and right on time too. Burn Notice had a way of stepping up its game each season. It wasn’t just about a guy running around Miami helping people with their problems. He was always trying to find out who burned him and he kept getting closer and closer until he finally figured it out at the expense of everyone around him and everyone involved. But, it seems as if the show has gone as far as it can go.

Just as Burn Notice’s last season is about to begin, that gives me something to watch while I’m waiting on the next season of Revenge. Oh by the way, spoiler alert! I’ll be writing about Burn Notice soon!