‘Castle’ Joins The List Of Shows That Are Being Canceled

May 14, 2016 in Celebrities, Comedy, Commentary, Entertainment, Television

I’ve got to admit that my love for the show Castle has been dropping over the last few weeks. First, I hear that the stars of the show Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic don’t really even like each other. Then, it gets out that Stana Katic is leaving the show. But, this is the worst news yet.

Just when Nathan thought he was going to have the show all to himself and everything else was going to get shifted around to accommodate that, the show itself gets canceled. But, I have to be honest. When the show was hot, it was hot. Loved every scene of it. But, where do you go from her being the Captain and him being a P.I.? It kind of fell apart when the writers made those turns.

the starsLet’s get back to that first thing though. What a shock that Nathan And Stana don’t even like each other huh? What a blow! They have to be the best actors in the world to have us believing week after week that they are in love. They don’t skip a beat.

Their chemistry works. The way they look at each other has us sitting in the seats wishing we had a relationship that hot and steamy. But then again, there is a rule about the stage. If it’s hot and steamy on the set, nothing’s going on between them. When they lose the passion, that’s when they hooked up. So for these two to be able to bring that kind of heat and passion to the screen, they must have hated each other. The whole total reverse.

Of course, I had no delusions that they were a real couple off the screen. But to not even like each other, to have those egos too big for one show, that’s a hard one to take. I like them liking each other. I like the thought of them liking each other. But whatever, the show is getting canceled. I’m over it.

stanaWhen it was announced Stana Katic was leaving the show, that was the first thought that came to mind. How is the show going to work without her? It can’t. The show might be called Castle, but she’s the muse. She’s the reason Castle came to work at the police department. So, she’s the show every bit as much as he is. Take that huge piece out of the machinery and the machine no longer works.

Of course, shows like this try to survive by finding new players to come in and play new roles. Sometimes, they try to find a replacement for the roles that made the show in the first place. That doesn’t always work. It takes a great actor or actress to come onto a show and step into a role created by someone who has big shoes to fill.

Other times, they leave that alone and just introduce new characters. They’re not trying to take the place of anyone. Just adding to the show. Bringing something new that gives the show a whole new dynamic. That can work. I’ve seen it work. But, it’s also a gamble.

It’s like trying to be someone you’re not when you’re dating and then changing into a someone totally different when the relationship gets real. It’s not what the fans bought into. Take the stuff that works away and the show might as well call it quits. Again, it takes some real special people to keep it alive and turn the fans in a whole new direction.

Guess Castle wasn’t even about to try that. Yet another show goes down that I like. I’m getting used to it I guess. While I stay steady loyal to my shows, the networks are always finding ways to get rid of me.

But tell me the reason, why do you ruin this:

Too Much Coincidence at the Castle

October 16, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment, Shows, Television

The one thing about Castle is that I let the show get away with it. As a fan, I let a lot of things slide. But, don’t think I don’t pick up on the fact that the story was a little too coincidental.

First though, before I get into those details, I want to say that when Beckett was in the FBI, I was wondering how that was going to work. It didn’t seem to have anywhere to go. How would they have kept Esposito and Ryan in episode after episode? The coincidences were starting to pile up just to do that.

At first, Castle is calling to get Esposito and Ryan to check on something for him. Okay, I get that. That’s not a coincidence. If you need something run through police databases, you go with who you know. Then, episode one spills into episode two.

But, episode three brings Beckett and her new FBI partner to New York for a case. They walk into the precinct and there are Esposito and Ryan with the new guy, Sully. Beckett and her partner are taking over a murder case and they’re going to need all the information the NYPD has, but they aren’t offering much cooperation in return.

I’m not in the moment if I’m thinking about too many coincidences. So no, it couldn’t have gone on forever. Beckett in D.C. Esposito and Ryan in New York. Castle was just about ready to tell Beckett he was coming to D.C., but a knock on the door is the answer to all of our questions. Beckett gets fired from the FBI because she leaked a detail to save a person’s life.

Episode Four is where we pick up and Beckett is out of work. This is where the coincidences begin again. Castle gets a call that a lady is holding people hostage in a Dentist’s Office and she wants to speak to him. When we learn that she knows about Castle’s ability to solve crimes, we drop our edge and get back into the show. The coincidence now makes sense right?

Well, what happens when the girl turns out to be adopted? Her real father turns out to be a guy running for governor. Of course, Castle, Beckett and the gang solve the crime. The girl was being framed. Very powerful father and daughter are reunited.

As Beckett is talking to the captain, the soon-to-be governor steps in to say goodbye and the captain mentions that Beckett doesn’t have a job because the funding isn’t there. Bam! Just like that, she’s back on the force. Check it out! Now, the gang’s all back together.

Just think, if the girl didn’t know anything about Castle, she would never have been able to get a hold of him so that Beckett could help solve the case for the soon-to-be governor of New York. Isn’t it funny how a plan always comes together?

The New Castle

September 25, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment

I don’t know what they’re trying to do with one of my favorite shows. Castle finally gets its act together and then splits everyone up over night.

When Castle got on one knee and proposed, it was the moment we were waiting to see. And then what? They take everything else away.

  • Beckett takes the Fed job and goes to D.C.
  • Castle and Beckett don’t work together anymore, although he tries.
  • Esposito and Ryan get about three scenes in the new episode.
  • And then, to top it all off, Castle has a day to live because he has a chemical in his system that he was subject to during an abduction.

So, we know Castle isn’t going to die. I mean, that’s obvious! The show is called Castle. He’s kind of the main guy…

But, what does all this mean for the show. Castle can’t keep helping Beckett unless the Feds realize that he is actually pretty good at it. Esposito and Ryan can’t be in every episode. You know, them being in New York and all. How are they going to find a way to keep them in the show?

So, tell me! Tell me now! Oh, that’s what all those other Season 6 episodes are about? Fine. I’ll wait!