Was That A Blooper On ‘Lucifer’ That I Just Saw?

October 27, 2016 in Commentary, Entertainment, Review, Shows, Television

Tom Ellis and Lauren German shine in the hit show Lucifer. The show attempts to turn the ancient story around where Lucifer is the victim and his father, God is the bad guy who doesn’t listen and manipulates the entire universe. Even though the show is a top notch piece of work on FOX, it has its flaws.

A real bruiser of a blooper can be found in Episode 4, Season 2 called “Lady Parts.” In the episode, Lucifer sets up a girls’ night out for Chloe, the detective played by Lauren. Of course Maze, Linda, and the new girl Ella were invited.

It was going good until Chloe spotted a club stamp on a guy, evidence in her case. The guy’s girlfriend thinks something’s up and that leads to an altercation where the whole bar is fighting. Maze is as bad as she always is trying to protect the girls from flying furniture and blind punches. But, Chloe still ends up getting hit a few times before she finally gains control of the fight.

The scars she takes on become extremely interesting when they seem to move around her face. That’s right! I caught an oversight that I can only offer two explanations for why the blooper would have occurred. But first, take a look and see for yourself.

When We First See Her Cut


It’s Above Her Right Eye


Then, In A Few Scenes Later


It’s Above Her Left Eye


Look At A Scene Toward The End

It’s back above her right eye. There are only two reasonable explanations that I can come up with at first and I actually debunked one of them.

I’ll start with the one I debunked. I thought by some absentminded focus that a flipped scene had been cut into the movie. What I mean by that is footage that is flipped horizontally for some reason. What is supposed to be on the right is now on the left.

But, that explanation didn’t fly because the rest of the office is the same. The desk is on their right. The wall is on their left, which is the way it would be in the direction the camera is facing. So, that excuse doesn’t pan out at all.

The easiest explanation then is the makeup artist. They simply applied the makeup on the wrong side and didn’t think anything of it. What a blooper! Got to be more careful than that. It could ruin a show if constant mistakes keep jerking the fans out of the scene.

But, here’s the thing that got me most about this particular episode. An ongoing joke is about how Dan looks like a cop. Chloe says so. Of course, Lucifer says so. Even Amenadiel agrees. So then, how did they get into the illegal party they were supposed to attend to get information about the murders?

When Dan walks up to the bartender, he tries to run. When asked why, he says because it’s obvious Dan looks like a cop. So, why didn’t the security outside stamping people notice? Why didn’t anyone else notice? This was an illegal sex party and no one said a word about the obvious cop except for the bartender? Did they overlook that important detail too?

When you like a show, you might not be looking for the bloopers. You might even let them pass when you subconsciously pick up on them. But, don’t do that! Be a real fan and point out every single one of them. Hollywood loves that!

Watch the episode for yourself! Lucifer

Ashley Judd’s Son Abducted…Oh, In The Show

March 17, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Review, Television

Let’s try some word association exercises.  I say a word and I try to come up with something associated with it. 

Ashley Judd…

High Crimes, Double Jeopardy, Kiss the Girls

Those are the kinds of movies we love when she’s in them.  So, what could a person really do if they cared that much about us?  What could they give us if they really wanted to give us something special?

Missing, the new drama series starring Ashley Judd. Imagine a soccer mom who has been raising her child by herself for the last ten years turns highly trained vigilante when her son is abducted. Have they actually thought to give us that kind of action with our favorite actress…every week?

It’s not my birthday and Christmas is already over.  So, what’s the occasion? You must really like us.  You really, really like us!

With great action and realistic plot structures, not that ex-CIA operative type shows can ever seem at all realistic, I can actually get into the show. I don’t feel myself drawn to pick out the ridiculous or the outlandish flaw that unravels the entire story. I’m in the action and wondering what’s going to happen next.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Ashley Judd pulls another trick out of her sleeve. The deeply interwoven issues of the story aren’t solved in an hour. Imagine that! A show that actually acknowledges the human tragedy that unravels itself for us mere mortals can’t be solved within the structure of three commercial breaks, just before the show that’s due to come on next.

Find out why Ashley hasn’t solved her problems in the pilot of Missing and get on board with the rest of us! It’s what you’ve been waiting for all your life!

Watch it now! Click the link, skip around the sales pitch and catch the pilot episode right now for free…Missing starring Ashley Judd.

Burn Notice is Back

April 18, 2011 in Commentary, Entertainment, Television

imageWhy in the world did they start this season off with a story about Sam?  Don’ get me wrong.  I like Sam.  It was a really interesting story.  But, what were they thinking?

We get this bomb dropped on us in episode 18, half way through the season, you know where they pause for a few months and drive us all crazy?!  Michael Westen finally gets out of Miami and it looks like he’s going to Washington.

But, the loyal viewers know by now that looks are deceiving.  If we’re thinking something, we better think again, because Burn Notice is great at throwing us the twists that we love.

So, what do they do?  They don’t even start with that?!  We go back to 2005 when Sam was in the Seals.  No Fiona.  Only a glimpse of Michael.  Why in the world couldn’t they have told that story later after we learned what new level Michael is on?

And I mean, level.  Doesn’t it seem like Burn Notice is structured like a video game?  Michael keeps going up in levels from when he first received his burn notice.  Now, it seems he might have his job back.  But, I wouldn’t count on it.  Looks are deceiving.

This is the most exciting television ever!  But, I’m going to have to take them back down a notch until they tell me what is going on with Michael.

Steve Carell Leaving The Office

April 16, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment, Television

imageIt would appear that our worst nightmare is going to come true.  Steve Carell is leaving The Office.  I didn’t believe it.  I didn’t want to believe it.  I thought it was a practical joke the show was playing on its loyal viewers.

After all, how do you take the star character out of the show when it was totally built around him in the first place?

Of course, Jim is hilarious.  His practical jokes on Dwight are legendary.  And Pam played by Jenna Fischer, best known for winning The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Award, is one great reason to tune in every week.

With Will Ferrell taking Steve’s place, it is the balm that soothes all ails.  His introduction to the show made me feel as if I was in safe hands, as if life is going to be just fine.  I’m less fearful of what tomorrow will bring.

So, how in the world will The Office survive when Steve leaves the show?  Ah, it will be just fine.

A bigger question though is why in the world would Steve leave the show?  Did he lose a bet to Will one night at a poker table game.  Instead of having to go home and tell the wife you lost the house, Steve had to let her know that he lost his job.

Maybe Will knows something about Steve and he threatened to tell.

In the days to come, we’ll find out what really happened to make Steve want to leave the show.  But, don’t try to tell me that it was because Steve just thought it was time.  That’s like leaving the party after it was just about to get good!