The Fall of the Manipulative Itches

December 4, 2011 in Commentary, Entertainment, Television


RingerAt first, I was focused on Emily Thorne getting her Revenge.  All consumed in that drama that is twisting and turning with every new episode, I forgot there were other things on television. Actually, anyone who knows me knows that isn’t true.

But, I can only take so much of each type of drama.  No matter how good the new investigative show is, my plate is full.  I was into CSI: Miami until I met Body of Proof.  Actually, it was Law and Order: Criminal Intent until Goren and Eames were switched for Nichols. In the history of the show, that has never happened when we’ve had to watch the same two detectives every episode.  Anyway, that’s a tangent.

My original point is that I have my shows and then I’m tapped out!  It was the same with Revenge.  One manipulative itch to scratch was with Emily’s every move.  And now that the real Emily is in the picture, doesn’t seem like she’s trying to go anywhere any time soon, this cat scratch is about to get good.

But then I bump into Siobhan, and I mean the real Siobhan.  Now she’s another manipulative itch I have to scratch.  But just as I had the story figured out, they are really just throwing dirt against the wall.  It’s piling up and there are motives that have no account!

Bridget Kelly, played by the absolutely adorable Sarah Michelle Gellar in the new CW series Ringer, is a troubled girl who is cleaning her life up when she witnesses a murder.  Set to take the stand and take on a new identity, she is ill-advised to run.  The only thing she can think to do is find her estranged twin sister.  That’s where Siobhan comes into the picture.

When Siobhan dives off a boat, it makes it easy for Bridget to just assume her high class New York lifestyle.  From an addicted prostitute to a high class married woman with a step daughter, can anyone say Beverly Hillbillies?  It’s a fast switch.

But, Bridget does a great job taking Siobhan’s part in her life.  She fixes her marriage.  She bonds with her step-daughter.  She even is falling in love with Siobhan’s husband, for real.  I don’t think Siobhan would really care either.  She goes through boyfriends like they’re credit cards.  So the guy deserves a good woman, and now he has one.  He just doesn’t know she’s not really his wife.  She’s just someone playing his wife’s role.

With me so far?  The thing is that everything is really spinning out of control.  Siobhan was gone, off to Paris.  She was loving her new life, with freedom she enjoyed.  So, why is she back in New York?  Why did she give herself a black eye and tell her boyfriend that her husband did it?

Her partner though is the most confusing.  When we find out that Charlie isn’t really who we thought he was, that’s when the real Siobhan comes back into the picture.  But why does Siobhan want Charlie to kidnap her best friend, Gemma?  Then, why does he want to off her so bad?

I’ve heard the line before, but never so clearly.  If she’s Gemma’s friend, I’d hate to see how she treats her enemies.  So this fall, I’m addicted to two manipulative itches now and I’m not going to quit either one.  I will follow Emily’s every move, or Amanda, whichever you prefer.  But now, I have to see how Bridget holds up through all this.  I mean the real Bridget.  I know Bridget can hold her own.  But if you’ve seen Siobhan in action, you’d be thinking twice too!

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