The Jesse Ventura Law Suit Against Chris Kyle

July 31, 2014 in Commentary, Entertainment, Review

Imagine two Navy Seals sitting in a bar talking. One is an old vet from Vietnam and the other was just recently discharged. Brothers in arms, years between them. Then, one punches the other in the face.

That’s the scenario as outlined in Chris Kyle’s novel American Sniper. The other Navy Seal, Jesse Ventura, the wrestler, politician and television personality. When Jesse read the book, he was shocked by the story that details him saying in an interview with Chris Kyle that the Seals “deserve to lose a few.”

Well, any Seal who heard that would want to punch someone. But, Jesse contends he never said anything like that. That would make him a traitor to his brothers, the Navy Seals everywhere. So, he sued. But, Jesse actually wanted an apology from Kyle. That became a problem if you can recall, when Kyle was killed on the rifle range by a Marine suffering from PTSD.

Jesse had no idea what to do, but to continue with the lawsuit to clear his name. Well, it was decided in his favor to the tune of $1.8 million. So, all is in harmony once again.

Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in American history with 160 confirmed kills. He claimed 255 kills in total. But, confirmed kills are considered official as far as the military is concerned. Both Jesse and Kyle are heroes in my book and it was a tragedy that happened.

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