The New Castle

September 25, 2013 in Commentary, Entertainment

I don’t know what they’re trying to do with one of my favorite shows. Castle finally gets its act together and then splits everyone up over night.

When Castle got on one knee and proposed, it was the moment we were waiting to see. And then what? They take everything else away.

  • Beckett takes the Fed job and goes to D.C.
  • Castle and Beckett don’t work together anymore, although he tries.
  • Esposito and Ryan get about three scenes in the new episode.
  • And then, to top it all off, Castle has a day to live because he has a chemical in his system that he was subject to during an abduction.

So, we know Castle isn’t going to die. I mean, that’s obvious! The show is called Castle. He’s kind of the main guy…

But, what does all this mean for the show. Castle can’t keep helping Beckett unless the Feds realize that he is actually pretty good at it. Esposito and Ryan can’t be in every episode. You know, them being in New York and all. How are they going to find a way to keep them in the show?

So, tell me! Tell me now! Oh, that’s what all those other Season 6 episodes are about? Fine. I’ll wait!

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